Cognitive Dissonance


The American Left is avoiding having an experience of “cognitive dissonance”.

Having their beliefs conflict with the facts, that is. Reality isn’t always a good thing, and who knows better than the left that you must “re-invent” reality, as it suits you.

The left never lets little things like the facts or the truth get in the way of forming an opinion and sticking with it. Doing so would mean they have to admit that America is not the greatest threat to world peace today. Their pervasive and consistent anti-Trump rhetoric and diatribes are totally out of sync with reality.

The mantra they are espousing is that Donald Trump is a tyrant and a Nazi, and that capitalism is the most evil force on the planet Earth. Neither could be further from the truth but facts notwithstanding, the Left is hell bent on portraying any and every Republican that ascends to the Presidency as Hitler, a Nazi, Stalin, a tyrant, a dictator. It was the same with both of the Bush Presidents, Reagan and Nixon.

You can go back and look, we did. The language is almost verbatim from decades ago. The playbook is the same, and every election the Left convinces more people that giving up their freedoms is a good thing. Paying higher taxes is a good thing. Allowing in millions of undocumented immigrants is a good thing. Allowing MS-13 sanctuary is a good thing. Aborting millions of babies a year is a good thing. Paying more every year for health insurance is a good thing. Stagnant or reduced wages is a good thing. More job killing regulations is a good thing. The list goes on and on and on.

The Republican is always a racist, homophobe, xenophobe, Islamophobe, hater, white supremacist or an Uncle Tom, redneck, deplorable or irredeemable. There is never a logical and reasonable debate or discourse using facts.

To the Democrats it’s all about the emotional vitriol, name calling, blame, fake news, hateful ideological dialogue, the Antifa rioting and beating people up that the Left disagrees with, BLM advocating for the shooting of policemen.

The next time one of your Leftist ideologues calls white people in general, Conservatives, Republicans or Pres. Trump a Nazi, please press them for specifics. Force them to articulate exactly what we have done to be compared to someone that killed 67 million humans? Make them give you specifics, and you’ll see that they have no argument. What they will do, of course, is to call YOU a Nazi.

Casa Cerrado!