Is This The Future Of America?


One needs to look no further to see what has happened to our educational system than American college campuses. College students used to think outside the box, they questioned everything and they learned critical thinking skills.

No longer is this the case. They are now indoctrinated into the wonders of Socialism. They are taught that capitalism, personal freedom, and liberty are evil and that only the “state” knows what is best for everyone. Individuality is an evil, selfish trait and must be eradicated. The collective is all that does matter now.

We are not referring to all college students as morons, but it really seems as if 90% or more have been indoctrinated to hate Trump, Republicans, whites, Conservatives, etc. They don’t even blink an eye to blame Trump, but when the source of the quotes are revealed, many of them refuse to believe the truth. THAT is the problem. They don’t believe facts, and instead rely on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and CNN for their news.

They have been taught that Republicans and Conservatives are actually Nazis and white supremacists by their teachers/professors, and they really believe it. They are taught that white people are inherently evil and wicked and hate all other races of people.

They are taught that carrying a baby to term is either “white privilege” or “stupid” so they are instructed to murder/abort their babies and to enjoy the freedom of not having to raise and support that thing. Hopefully they will enjoy their taxpayer funded, Planned Parenthood abortion where they sell dead baby body parts for profit.

The Democrat Party. The party of No God (except Allah), More Abortions,
Sanctuary Cities for MS-13 and their families, Abolish Ice and a 70% Tax Rate.

After Trump’s border speech last night, Campus Reform’s Cabot Phillips read several college students quotes regarding illegal immigration and the border wall. The students, wrongly, assumed that the quotes all came from President Trump, and immediately bashed him, repeatedly.

Yet all the quotes, supporting a border wall actually made by Schumer, Clinton, Pelosi, and Obama. Below are the quotes and snippets that were given to college students, who then assailed President Trump for being a racist for making them, even though he didn’t make them.

“Illegal Immigration is wrong, plain and simple. Until the American people are convinced we will stop future flows of illegal immigration, we will make no progress.” — Sen. Chuck Schumer, D-N.Y.

“We simply cannot allow people to pour into the United States undetected, undocumented and unchecked.” — Barack Obama

“I voted numerous times … to spend money to build a barrier to try to prevent illegal immigrants from coming in. And I do think you have to control your borders.” — Hillary Clinton

Nancy Pelosi says a border wall or any type of barrier, whether it be fencing, sensors, border patrol, etc. is immoral and racist (can a wall really be racist?). She also has said that a wall doesn’t close a border, but it will close us off from the world and that this is the “old way” of thinking”? Wow, stupid, stupid, stupid Nancy.

Time was when Democrats and Republicans wanted border security, until Trump took office, then it’s 100% anti-Trump all the time, no matter what it is about.

I remember a time when 20-year-olds stormed enemy beaches under withering enemy fire, they parachuted behind enemy lines, charged into battle and almost certain death, without needing Playdough or puppies.

Now, 20-year-olds need “safe zones” on college campuses to protect their little fragile emotions from offensive words, thoughts and ideas.

And they wonder why we call them snowflakes?

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