70,000+ Dead Each Year – Thank You DNC


This is how many Americans died in 2017 from drug overdoses. 90% of the deadly fentanyl, heroin, methamphetamine, and cocaine comes in through our southern border with Mexico. And statistics show that more died in 2018 while Democrats still refuse to secure the border.

Tens of thousands more will die in 2019 thanks to our politicians refusal to spend $5 Billion to protect Americans, while at the same time they dedicate almost $50 Billion to protect and enrich illegal aliens.

So what are these 70,000 dead Americans (in 2017 alone) that die EACH YEAR really worth to Democrats? In reality, over 571,000 Americans have died of drug overdoses since 2002.

Let’s look at the cost of each individuals life, and what it’s worth to the Democrats in America. Here’s a short list of Trump’s proposed spending and what each American life was worth to our government. The government, Left and Right have been promising border security and control for over 40 years now and has done NOTHING about it. Here is what each of the 571,000 dead American lives wasn’t worth to Democrats.

  • $25 Billion Wall = $43,782.83 per dead American
  • $15 Billion Wall = $26,269.70 per dead American
  • $10 Billion Wall = $17,513.13 per dead American
  • $5.7 Billion Wall = $9,982.48 per dead American
  • $2.5 Billion Wall = $4,378.28 per dead American
  • $1.7 Billion Wall = $2,977.23 per dead American

The Democrats won’t spend less than $3,000 of OUR tax money to PROTECT YOU! But they spend an average of $2,746 per illegal alien, per year! For non-citizens! For people that broke the law and are criminals!

In fiscal year 2017 we spent over $83.4 BILLION on illegal aliens, yet the Left won’t pony up $5 Billion OF OUR TAX MONEY THAT WE PAID to build a wall to protect us?

People don’t build walls to keep people out, they build them to protect those people that they love that are inside the walls, just like in your own home. When you lock your doors are you thinking of some 22-year-old druggie kicking your door down looking for drugs or money or do you lock it to keep your children and wife safe?

Democrats support sanctuary cities for MS-13 and their families providing them
housing and food and allowing them to continue their criminal activities.
These same Democrats want to abort your babies, not protect them.

A secure border would decrease this amount by at least 75%, yet 100% of Democrats are against building an effective border protection system. They want open borders with unfettered illegal immigration allowed.

Democrats have called a wall illegal, immoral, racist, evil, and mean, among other adjectives. But in reality, a wall can be none of those, as it is an inanimate object, incapable of thoughts or deeds or emotions. But that doesn’t keep hateful Democrats from continually calling the wall names that they normally reserve for President Trump.

The Democrats repeatedly say that walls and other barrier systems are ineffective and are 100% useless. And if that is the case, then why do or did these people and facilities have barriers and walls?

  • Prisons / Jails
  • The Vatican
  • Rich politician’s homes
  • Gated communities
  • The Berlin Wall
  • China’s Great Wall
  • US Government Buildings have thick walls and bollards in front
  • Over 100 countries protect their borders with walls/barriers

Yet, it is racist and immoral for America to protect its citizens using walls and barriers, according to American Democrat politicians.

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