Does CNN Ever Really Report The Facts?


It is getting stranger and stranger to deduce what is happening in America if you watch CNN’s version of what is happening. They do not sync up with or relate to reality, period. CNN is living in some mystical, mythical kingdom where they have dragons that exhale pot smoke or they put LSD in their coffee instead of cream.

It’s totally incongruous how CNN, on a daily basis, can proclaim that America is on its last leg, the country is about to explode, the sky is falling, that the economy is so bad people are literally starving in the streets, that wicked Conservatives refuse to allow women to receive health care of any type, that our President is a Russian spy, that illegal aliens are good for our country, and that you are an evil person if you don’t love MS-13.

Yet, during the same week, they publish articles where they are praising the economic recovery of and the Socialist government of Venezuela. They tell tales of how the people of Venezuela are happy with the Socialist government and how much it has done for the people there. Of course, in the article they ignore facts such as...

  • 3.5 million Venezuelans have fled the country over the past 4 years.
  • They are now the poorest country in Latin America, whereas 20 years ago they were the richest.
  • The Venezuelan citizen lost an average of 24 lbs. (11kg) each last year.
  • Inflation was a staggering 1.7 MILLION percent in 2018.
  • Everything is rationed to “the people”, but the Socialists are fat and happy.
  • Most of Venezuela’s businesses have closed down.
  • People queue up at grocery stores in hours-long lines not knowing what foods, if any, are available. There is lots of cooking oil on the shelves, but no bread, flour, sugar, meat, soap, toilet paper, etc.
  • If you have a job, which is controlled by the Socialist government, you may make 110,000 bolivares each week (50 cents USD), which will buy less than a kilo of cornmeal or rice, which is to last you and your family for a week?
  • Even though having the world’s largest oil reserves and once being the #1 exporter of oil, they are now importing 300,000 barrels a day to meet demand.

CNN has blamed all of the misery that has befallen Venezuela as the fault of capitalism, not naming the US directly, but we know who the azzclowns there blame for everything, America. They ignore the fact that the Socialists nationalized all the foreign investments and kicked out all the foreign workers that kept the oil pumps and refineries operating.

And to put the icing on the cake, CNN merrily reported that the “Happy Planet Index” places Venezuela (#9) well above the United States (#59) as a good place to live.

According to this “index”, Venezuela is rated as #9 of the countries with a high life expectancy, high GDP, high personal income, high health and happiness scale, with a low ecological footprint, low unemployment, and few poor people.

As an example for comparison, the “Happy Planet Index” rates Luxembourg as 2nd to last (109th) in the index. For those of you who aren’t familiar with Luxembourg, it is a tiny landlocked country (998.6 sq. miles) in central Europe, of just over 602,000 citizens. Per capita income is $125,364 per year.

Luxembourg has virtually zero unemployment, no homelessness, virtually zero crime, a high personal income, and one of the highest standards of living in the world.

Yet this index puts countries such as Cuba, North Korea, Venezuela, Haiti, Dominican Republic, Yemen, Panama, Eritrea, Belize, Nicaragua, Bangladesh, El Salvador, Columbia, Jamaica, Guatemala, Mexico, Costa Rica, and Vietnam as being much better places to live than Luxembourg or the United States.

Below are the Top 15 of “best places in the world to raise a family” according to the Happy Planet Index.

How can the USA and Luxembourg, France, the UK, etc. be ranked below Ecuador, Uruguay, Mexico, Vietnam, Bangladesh, Yemen, Eritrea, Egypt, Columbia, Venezuela, etc.???

But this is what CNN reports as factual, on a daily/weekly/monthly and yearly basis. They never stop manufacturing lies and hate. It is what they do.

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