Ben Ghazi – Who Is That?


We should just repeat this line a thousand times, because that’s the only reply you’ll ever get when asking a Socialist or a Clinton about what really happened that night in Benghazi, Libya. To the media, nothing newsworthy happened on Sept. 11, 2012. It was a boring news night.

Unless you consider the torture and murder of a US Ambassador, the killings of three brave Americans, and the destruction of the US Consulate in Benghazi boring. The murder of an American Ambassador was covered up because of the political implications of gun running to Al Qaeda and/or other terrorist organizations by the Clinton State Department and the Obama administration.

When anyone asks Hillary Clinton about Benghazi or it’s referenced, she actually shrugs and laughs it off as if it’s an inside joke. Granted, it is an inside joke to Obama, the State Department, the FBI, the DOJ, the ex-John McCain, and the Clinton’s. The CIA is conspicuously absent from this portion of the program, though they should have been leading the charge if there was going to be one.

But finally, the factual story is starting to unfold thanks to the Tea Party, and to information recently released by a former law enforcement officer, Roscoe B. Davis.

Now we realize that this will be difficult for you to believe, but Benghazi had nothing, zero, zip, nada to do with a years-old anti-Islamic video that virtually nobody had ever seen nor heard of. Seriously, it didn’t.

Even though Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, Susan Rice, and every Democrat living swore it was because of a video they’d never heard of. They were all lying. It’s called CYA.

This article takes its information from the Tea website and the hard work of Roscoe B. Davis. KUDOS to them for attempting to awaken the masses. We take no credit for the fine investigative work done by them.

Hillary Clinton was Secretary of State during the first four years of Obama’s regime, and she was ruthless in her bloodlust for money. Besides the Uranium One deal, in Libya Clinton was “gunrunning” among other things, the latest generation Stinger anti-aircraft missiles, through the Clinton Foundation.

It is a convoluted story, as it was a complicated conspiracy that the Clinton Foundation made tens of millions off of. It required the combined assistance of Obama, the State Department, and normally the CIA, but the CIA was in the dark on this one. But how could the all-powerful NSA not have been aware of it? They know everything that goes on.

Roscoe B. Davis has pieced together some tweets and along with other intelligence, the story is beginning to emerge. Hey Hillary, you put lipstick on, but you’re still a pig and you got four good, decent Americans killed so you could make another dollar, and then lied to America about it.

The Story

It starts sometime from 2010-2011. The CIA and State Department decided they needed to arm purported “allies” in the Middle East with weapons and lots of them. Billions worth. Included in the bounty was the latest generation of portable Stinger anti-aircraft missiles.

We sold the Qatari’s billions and billions in weapons via one Marc Turi, who was a neighbor of McCain’s. McCain somehow procured billions in arms contracts for his neighbor Turin using McCain’s contacts in the DoD to facilitate the deal. McCain spent years on the Senate Arms Committee, so he probably had quite a few favors coming his way for past favors given.

Now, at this point, don’t be pious. We all know that America will arm bad guys as well as good guys. Like every other country in the world, our leaders, for good or bad, attempt to do what they think is in the best interests of America, hopefully at least.

Obama was a definite exception. He gave $1.6 BILLION IN CASH to Iran on the same day Iran was chanting “Death to America” in their prayer session. So anyone with half a brain knows which way the wind blows with this guy.

Obama, Clinton, and McCain came up with a brilliant plan. They thought that only if they could arm Al-Qaeda or the Taliban, they could get them to overthrow Qaddafi Then Libya would then be ours, and Al-Qaeda would love us and join the league of nations, or some such tripe like that. That’s how they justified it at least. And on the really bright side, they could possibly skim hundreds of millions if they played their cards right.

Hillary being Hillary did what really greedy people do when put into tempting situations, they do stupid things. She decided that selling out America is quite profitable, and like, her and Bill and Chelsea won’t get killed or anything as they never fly commercial, so WTF… Let’s do it!

There are millions to be made in commissions on this, and also by selling Putin 20% of our uranium reserves that he needs for his new generation of bombs that he is now using to threaten us. No problem though. Don’t worry. Be happy.

Then the unthinkable happened. Taliban fighters in Kunar province in Afghanistan shot down a US Army CH-47 helicopter with one of the new generation Stinger missiles. As the terrorists hadn’t properly armed the missile, it did not explode, but nevertheless brought it down.

As is SOP, the next day an EOD team arrived to sift through the wreckage and gather clues as to what actually happened. What they found was a game changer. They found unexploded pieces of a missile casing that was from the newest generation of Stinger missile.

But that is impossible as only America and our closest allies have this new generation Stinger. They are tightly controlled, requiring signing off by at the least the CIA, the State Department, the Secretary of State and possibly the President.

The EOD team then found a fragment that contained and entire serial number. The serial number was traced to a shipment that went to the Qatari’s in early 2011. Qatar, our supposed ally. They were to have been given to anti-Qaddafi Al-Qaeda forces in Libya via John McCain and Marc Turi.

The CIA is supposed to be the “military wing” of the State Department overseas. The FBI are national police, the CIA world police. But the CIA turned down the proposal from Clinton and McCain due to the high risk involved in arming insurgents and terrorists with these new powerful weapons. They can be carried by one man and can shoot down aircraft, military and/or civilian aircraft. They are not prejudiced.

Well, between 50-60 Stingers missiles and over 200 SA-24 Igla-S SAMs (surface to air missiles) were “diverted on the docks” in Qatar to the Taliban. I guess someone got confused since the spelling of their different terrorist organizations are so similar. It turned out that the CIA’s misgivings were well founded.

So now the cat was out of the bag. The CIA knew that State, Hillary and Obama had bypassed the normal protocols, and they were somewhat miffed. Appropriate “leaks” were made and the inquiries started.

So Hillary needed to control the mess she had created after it became public knowledge that the US was providing arms to Al-Qaeda terrorists. So she sent Ambassador Chris Stevens to clean it up. He had been a point man for her and Clinton Foundation, so off he went.

Nobody knows exactly what Stevens was doing there, but we do know he did not have adequate security, on purpose it seems. He was sent to Benghazi with a USAID team. No security detail to speak of. No US Marines. But remember, Hillary was running the show and USAID was in bed with the Clinton Foundation, and still are to this day.

Stevens was instructed to keep an “artificially low” profile in Benghazi so as to not draw attention to why they were actually there, according to Charlene Lamb, a State Department official. The funds that paid for the Stingers were redirected by the State Department from use in Iran to buy the missiles for Al-Qaeda, in deference to the wishes of the CIA.

At this point, HRC is outed as illegally selling arms to our sworn enemies. Remember Eric Holder? He sold a couple of thousand M-16s or M-4s to Mexican drug cartels. Clinton sold hundred of state of the art anti-aircraft missiles to our enemies. They’ve already slaughtered us by the thousands, and Hillary Clinton has enabled them to bring down 259 more aircraft, at the time and place of their choosing.

So with Hillary outed, she needed to put a lid on this and quick, so she figured the best thing to do was to send a US Ambassador to a unsafe city, controlled by Islamic extremists, with no US boots on the ground and a consulate with far inferior security, in all ways, shapes and forms.

Well, word got out that a US Ambassador was in the Consulate in Benghazi and terrorist nature took its course. Stevens was horribly tortured, raped, and then beaten to death. Also CIA contractors Tyrone Woods, Glen Doherty and Sean Smith were killed after an heroic and epic 13-hour battle against hundreds of Al-Qaeda terrorists.

The American people may accept losing some Marines, Soldiers, Sailors or Airmen in war, but we take it a bit more personal when one of our Ambassadors is tortured, raped and murdered by Al-Qaeda.

The Coverup

LIE #1: It started within minutes of the consulate being attacked. At first HRC/Obama said it was a “peaceful demonstration against an anti-Islamic video that was made in America”.

LIE #2: It was only 30 or 40 people protesting a video and the protest was peaceful and “totally organic”. The WH Situation Room was monitoring the situation. Also, having participated in a number of demonstrations, sit-ins, protests, etc. in my youth, I never once carried an AK-47, or grenade launchers, or mortars, or heavy machine guns or RPGs. This was simply NOT an organic protest.

LIE #3: After Stevens was tortured and murdered and the CIA contractors also were killed, the “anti-Islamic” video not only became the cover story, but the WH/Clinton lamely attempted to blame the filmmaker that made the video, not the terrorists. It was one man in California that made an unknown video several years ago that caused what happened today. We didn’t believe that then and we don’t believe it now. But the Obama administration, as part of their cover story, found a lame violation he had committed years earlier and the Feds charged him and sent him to prison, as Hillary had promised the grieving parents of Ambassador Stevens and the other dead Americans.

LIE #4: Barack Obama got on TV 4 times at least and spoke about America’s resolve to never let an act of terror deter us, etc. He spoke in very vague terms and wrapped “act of terror” in a patriotic fervor. He spoke only in general terms, never using Libya, Stevens, and terror in the same paragraph.

One might assume he could have been speaking about what had just happened in Libya, or about Pearl Harbor or about 9/11 or about the Orlando massacre. We’ll never know as he refused to directly answer the question “Did Ambassador Steven die in a terrorist attack” with a definitive “this was an act of terrorism”. Obama says he absolutely called it that. He’s lying still. He never said, “Ambassador Steven was killed by an act of terrorism”. He says it now, but never then.

LIE #5: They said that they did everything they could to save Ambassador Stevens and the 4 brave CIA contractors who died while protecting other American citizens. Facts show that repeatedly they ordered the Armed Forces of the United States of America to “STAND DOWN” while America was being actively attacked and Americans actively killed.

Though Leon Panetta did order a drone to fly over Benghazi to conduct air surveillance of the militants “peacefully” attacking and murdering our people. 13 hours and not a single Marine was sent to assist the dying Americans? It only takes a few hours to get armed and ready Marines anywhere in the world, at most. They wanted Ambassador Stevens dead, they needed him dead.

LIE #6: The Sunday Shows. Obama and Clinton sent out his National Security Advisor, Susan Rice, to lie for him and Hillary. The manufactured story was that it was only a small, organic demonstration of 2 dozen people that were peacefully gathered in front of the consulate.

Rice stated that the “video” sparked a number of demonstrations at US facilities around the world (LIE). The attack was pre-planned by the terrorist organization known as Ansar al-Sharia. Clinton even told the Egyptian prime ministers the day after the attack that the US knew the attack had nothing to do with the film, that was just for domestic consumption. It was a planned attack. She told him that.

Then two days later when the bodies of Ambassador Chris Stevens, Tyrone Woods, Glen Doherty, and Sean Smith were returned to America to be laid to rest, Hillary Clinton looked at those grieving parents in the eyes and told them that the maker of the film that was responsible for the murder of their sons would pay a price. She then told America the same thing, as did President Obama. (LIES)

The Obama administration repeated this lie for over two weeks, while they continued cleaning up their gun running operation. They had lots of loose ends to tie up. Chris Stevens was problem #1 as he was the conduit between the Clinton Foundation and the State Department. He had to be silenced, and he was.

LIE #7: To this day Obama and Clinton and their sycophants still say it was the video that was the cause of the “demonstration”. Yet the State Department documents they received from the Defense Intelligence Agency date Sept. 12, 2012, the day after Benghazi, detailed that the attack on the diplomatic compound had been meticulously planned by the BOCAR terrorist group. Their stated goal for this attack was simply to “kill as many Americans as possible”. When Hillary was asked once about what really happened in Benghazi that night, she smiled and said “Who?”

LIE #8: That this will be seriously investigated. At this point it’s been years, and the clock is running out, and the only people that care are the decent people of America. The Democrats and Republicans are the same thing, no difference. Let’s just call them the Republicrats from now on.

The American people and are system of justice are the losers here. We lose more of our identity as the greatest nation on the face of the Earth. We lose a little piece ourselves when we allow this to happen. One set of rules for the rulers, and another set of rules for whomever the rulers don’t like.

That sounds suspiciously like Socialism or Communism.

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