Smollett GUILTY of Filing a False Hate Crime Report – Will HE Be Charged? ROFLMAO


Look at the facts. He’s black. He’s gay. He’s gay and black. He’s black and gay. He’s a Socialist Trump hater. He’s an anti-white lying racist. So, of course, the police won’t charge him with anything! He’s in freaking Chicago people, ‘nuff said.

Jussie Smollett. He’s a veritable hero for surviving this “fake attack” that broke his ribs, marred his face, savaged his soul and ravaged his heart. Even as the truth is becoming apparent and a matter of public record, Hollyweirdos, and other celebrities and politicians are doubling down on backing Smollett’s story. Plus now Smollett is blaming President Trump for the attack.

But the “rope” that the attackers put around his neck in an alleged apparent attempted lynching was purchased by two Nigerian black men who were friends of Smollet. They’ve got them on video buying the rope, and they admitted they bought it for Smollett and that he paid them to stage the attack. Smollett denies this outright. He was attacked by two Trump supporters who tried to lynch him, end of story, according to him.

Smollett’s attorneys are calling the Chicago Police “liars” saying they have no evidence to prove Smollett was not attacked and further stated that Trump’s supporters had played a role in the attack and that Trump’s rhetoric was partially to blame.

Yet the Chicago Police are reticent to say anything to Smollett about the discrepancies in this story, let alone arrest him for filing a false crime report. As we said above, he’s black and gay and that’s two huge pluses in Chicago, as that puts you right in BHO’s wheelhouse and bathhouse. The police in Chicago aren’t going to arrest or charge Smollet, ever.

GUARANTEE: Any white male, go file a police report stating you were stalked and attacked by two black men wearing Hussein or Moochelle Obama hats, and they poured chicken grease on you and yelled “Black Pride” and “New Orleans is going to be a chocolate city” at you, broke your ribs, and beat you to a pulp.

When the police investigate and find out that you lied, and there was no attack, you would be arrested, prosecuted, convicted, and imprisoned. You are white, not black. You are probably straight and white, not black and gay, so that’s a double-strike against you. You cannot get away with wasting precious police resources. You are NOT Jussie Smollett.

The police have now spent thousands of man-hours investigating the fake hate crime against Jussie Smollett, and they’ve found he’s not telling the truth about anything other than the fact that he’s gay and black and he was out at 2am that morning.

And they don’t care. He’s “special” because he’s gay and black and hates President Trump. We’d love to issue an apology to the Chicago Police, but that is up to them release the results of the investigation and not whitewash and then deep-six it as they are famous for doing.