It Is NOT His Fault


It is definitely not his fault. How could it be? He’s black. He’s gay. He was born an innocent baby. He was raised as an innocent child. He’s never done anything that would bring his character into question. He’s the epitome of the decent, honest, righteous, upstanding gay black man in America, right?

Don Lemon, CNN personality, says that “it’s not his fault” that he sent a threatening letter, with white powder, to himself at CNN. It was probably Trump that set him up or triggered him, as he couldn’t have sent the letter to himself. No gay black man would ever claim victimhood like this.

Don Lemon, CNN personality, says that “it’s not his fault” that he paid two Nigerian brothers to stage a fake hate crime attack on him. It was probably those evil racist homophobic MAGA supporters that triggered him and made him file the false crime report. No gay black man would ever do something like this unless he was forced to by evil white people.

Smollett is taking the “high road” and is again denying any guilt whatsoever in the staged crime against him. He told the cast of ‘Empire’ last week: “I’m sorry I’ve put you all through this and not answered any calls. I wanted to say I’m sorry and, you know me, I would never do this to any of you, you are my family. I swear to God, I did not do this.”

His first words are “I’m sorry I’ve put you all through this“, which is odd considering he claims in the next sentence that “you know me, I would never do this.”. It’s one or the other Jussie, not both. Why do you apologize for being a “victim” to a hate crime? That doesn’t make sense.

Then you say “I swear to God, I did not do this.” Very strong words coming from the man that says he saw his attackers, and they were white, not black. And they broke his rib, but he did not have a rib injury at all. Yes, his attackers did call him a “n****r” and a “f****t” and yelled “MAGA country” at him, as they were paid to do by Smollet himself, according to the two “attackers”.

He doesn’t understand how anyone could really believe that he’d have anything to do with the letter or the attack. He claims “they” (Trump supporters, racists or homophobes?) are coming after him because, as he said, “I come really, really hard against 45. I come really hard against his administration. I don’t hold my tongue.”

And we’re to believe that an actor that relatively few people are aware of, saying he disagrees with Trump is the reason for an attempted lynching? So is Smollett telling the truth? That means the “attackers”, available video, and the Chicago police are all lying and framing an innocent black man, because he disagrees with the President. Yeah, right, sure, whatever.

Let’s accept that he has always been, and always will be innocent, well except for lying to police about who he was when arrested for previous criminal offenses, and this current case of lies.

Smollett was arrested when he was 25 years old with charges of false impersonation after giving the police his 18-year-old brother’s name (Jake) to authorities during a DUI in Los Angeles a decade ago. Smollett signed his younger brother’s name on the promise that he would appear in court.

After having his lie uncovered by authorities and appearing in court, Smollett pleaded no contest to three misdemeanors in total from the incident, driving under the influence and operating a vehicle without a license. The judge gave Smollett two years of probation, a fine and orders to complete an alcohol education and treatment program in May 2008.

This is what being gay and black get you when you lie to the police, probation and a slap on the wrist. Try that being straight and White or Asian or Latino. The results will be much different.

So what we are seeing is a lying, racist, White hating, gay black man lie about white people attacking him, and the entire Left is supporting him AFTER his story is proven to be manufactured by him. They still blame the President and his supporters even though they did NOTHING!!!

We must admit that of the Democrats or celebrities who came out in support of him before any facts were known about the case, a couple have backtracked a little, but nobody has come out and forcefully spoken out about the lies and hatred Jussie Smollett created out of thin air, just to denigrate 60 million people that voted for Trump and receive a pay raise.

They’ve put him on a pedestal for bringing hate crimes to the forefront for the public, as if we’ve never seen fake hate crimes lately. They say even IF he’s guilty, so what? His INTENT was to make people aware of racial hate crimes and how evil they are.

Remember, White people are racist and are lynching black and gay people every day.

Only they are not.

It’s all a myth. Manufactured lies by blacks like Smollett, the Democrat Party, anti-Trumpers, and the media, which perpetuates any lie against whites and/or Trump supporters, no matter how far fetched or egregious. Lest we forget Kavanaugh or the Covington Catholic children. They were accused of the most horrific crime possible now in America according to the Democrats. The crime of being a Christian White male.

This was all about mo’ money for Jussie and sending white people to prison, that’s all. He was willing to send two white men, any white men would do, to prison for “attacking” him. He would have sat in a court of law and lied under oath to the judge and jury. He would have gladly sent innocent white men to prison and then would have smugly proclaimed himself the “queen” of the Trump resistance.

And for this the Left is putting him on a pedestal as a hero, or heroine? The last 50 cases of “hate crimes” have all been fake, perpetrated by blacks to garner sympathy or money, or both.

And the next time a real hate crime victim comes forward, we’ll have to look closely at their story, because of the lies of Jussie Smollet and his ilk.

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