When Is A Racist Not A Racist?

We've just got to point out that this must be Lena Dunham's doppleganger. Fat, ignorant, lying, racist, Trump hater.

Evidently, when the “racist” says they are not a racist. Or when their name is Mary Ann Lisanti (D-MD). Lisanti was censured by the Maryland State Legislature for using a “hateful and racist slur”. Several witnesses heard the exchange.

The House of Delegates censured her for the use of the racial slur “n****r”, which the House said: “brought dishonor to the entire General Assembly of Maryland”.

The voters of her district, the Legislative Black Caucus, the Maryland Governor, and Maryland House leaders are calling for her resignation. Lisanti refuses to resign.

To add salt to the wound, Lisanti says that her use of the term “nigger” is not offensive or racist to blacks, when she uses it. It’s a term of endearment and love and inclusiveness. She believes her own lies, but she did apologize, sort of.

She vehemently stated she did not believe she had used an offensive term to describe African-Americans, although she acknowledged earlier in the week that she had done so. A reporter asked if she had said it, and Lisanti responded: “I do not believe I did, but I am still accepting responsibility.”

Lisanti said resigning would be “an easy way out” and not the right thing to do. “I recognize that some have rushed to judgment without information and freely jumped on the bandwagon of condemnation — likely for their own political expediency,” Lisanti told reporters.

At an late-night gathering in an Annapolis bar, Lisanti, who was seated with a fellow lawmaker told him that when he helped a candidate in Prince George’s County, he was “knocking on doors in a nigger district”.

The Maryland House released the following statement: “This racist and hateful term has no place in anyone’s vocabulary, particularly an elected representative of the state of Maryland, serving on behalf of all of our constituents.”

But, truth be told, you are allowing her to keep her job, to make laws affecting blacks and whites, and more importantly, you are allowing her a bully pulpit for her racist leanings. Shame on all of you in Maryland.

Blacks beware. Institutionalized racism in Maryland, New York and Virginia is not a myth, it’s a reality.

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