That is the total number of charges, indictments, prosecutions, and convictions of Americans for conspiring and/or colluding with Russia to steal the 2016 Presidential election. According to the Mueller report, there was NO COLLUSION with Russia by Trump, his associates or his campaign.

For you Liberals that can’t count very well (AOC, RT, IO, ES, MW, NP, CS, JS, etc.) that’s less than one (<1), in other words not one single American was even charged, let alone convicted of conspiring with the Russians. Not even President Trump.

Why is that? They spent well over 2 years and over $30 million dollars on the investigation. They used over 30 high-priced Democrat lawyers to investigate. They used hundreds of people at the FBI, the NSA, the DIA, the DOJ, and other law enforcement agencies and bureaus investigating thousands upon thousands of leads.

And they found NOTHING? Not one single instance of Trump giving Putin the Nazi salute or anything of that nature? Really? $30 million for nothing?

But Adam “Bugeye” Schiff, Jerrold Stadler, Chucky Schumer, Maxine Waters, Nancy Pelosi, and many many others have repeatedly said that they’ve SEEN massive evidence of collusion with their own eyes. Where is it then?

The truth is finally being exposed that there was no collusion at all, except by the Obama administration, Hillary Clinton, the DNC, the DOJ, and the FBI. They all colluded, with Russian involvement, to keep Trump from winning the Presidency, and in case he did, they manufactured a “dossier” full of salacious lies to take him down later.

They then painstakingly went about disseminating, i.e. leaking, it to the corrupt RINO politician John McCain and others (national and international) who sent it around D.C., to their fellow conspirators in the government, and to the Socialist media so that they could tell the FISA judge that the information was already “publicly” accredited by the honest, non-partisan, and fair media, which is exactly what they did.

But it was all an elaborate ruse to provide the supposed basis of a crime so that Obama/Clinton/DNC could spy on their political opposition, one person in particular, Donald J. Trump.

Normally, when a crime is allegedly committed, law enforcement investigates the alleged crime, then turns the evidence, if any, over to the prosecutor’s office that decide which, if any, laws were violated. If there were laws violated the prosecutor’s office decides which charges will be filed and against whom.

They then arrest the alleged perp and take them to what they call an arraignment and present to a judge the alleged crime and the evidence they have obtained to corroborate the alleged crime. The judge then either dismisses the charges or formally charges the alleged perpetrator.

The key to all of this is that before anything happens, there had to have been an actual crime committed. Big crime? Little crime? Medium crime? It’s doesn’t matter, but a CRIME must have been committed.

Yet there was no crime, not even a hint of a crime. It was all made up, part and parcel by the Clinton/DNC/Obama cabal. They paid an ex-MI6 agent Christopher Steele to come up with derogatory information on Trump. Knowing he was a full-blown Trump hater, he was encouraged to go low and nasty, which he did.

So the DOJ/FBI took this manufactured file, that they knew Hillary paid for, and they knew that the FBI was nose-deep in assisting in writing it, and presented it to a Federal FISA Judge, in a secret court, swore to this Federal Judge that the information contained in the dossier was 100% verified and accurate.

But it wasn’t verified at all. There had been no crime committed. They just needed to derail Trump’s ascendancy up the political spectrum as they knew that their “candidate” was fatally flawed to run against anyone with a smidgen of intelligence and character.

So there was no crime for a FISA warrant to be issued. Not a single one. It was all bought and paid for by the Obama administration, Clinton, FBI, and DNC. Entirely. 100%. This evidence is rock solid and factual, and soon to be used to prosecute those who actually did collude with the Russians.

The reasons for this conspiracy between the Obamas and the Clintons? Who knows. They basically hate each other, but since both are Socialists, and were attempting an actual coup of a soon to be or inaugurated President, they worked together.

For Obama, it was a win-win. He was well insulated from the actual conspiracy, though not totally, but whoever thought Hillary would lose? He knew that if Hillary won, he’d still be ruling the roost as he has scads of information on her. He could blackmail her for 8 years and would be the de facto president.

Obama and his people know the real truth about the Clinton Foundation scam, the Uranium One deal, the cash to Iran deal, the Benghazi truth (she was selling arms to Al-Qaeda), her husband’s pedophilia island debacle, the Email server, the deleted emails, thousands and thousands of actual felonies that she committed. (Each email she deleted after the Federal judge told her to keep them is a felony. There were over 33,000 of them).

We don’t have time to list all of the Clinton’s alleged crimes. It’s a mind boggling list that would fill a warehouse full of bodies, and basically has. And Obama is dirty enough to have dug up Vince Foster’s body if need be.

So when will the real conspirators with Russia be held accountable?

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