57-0 Defeat for AOC’s Green New Deal


Votes Against the GND = 57 Republicans
Votes In Favor Of the GND = 0
Senators Voting Present (a de facto “no”) = 43 Democrats
When a bill’s sponsor doesn’t even vote in favor of the bill, you’ve gotta wonder…

Not a single Democrat Senator voted in favor of Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s Green New Deal (GND). Not one. Not even after many of them publicly said they were 100% in favor of it with many seen on video lauding and applauding the GND. Not even after regaling the GND as being the “cure” for what ails the planet. 100% of the Democrats basically said NO to AOC and her gang in the Congress.

But wait… This was THEIR Green New Deal. It belongs to the Democrats. The same people that before the vote vowed they were “all in”, “all hands on deck”, “the time is now” and dozens of other platitudes about why we must enact this legislation now, we’ve “waited long enough”, “to wait any longer invites disaster”.

This was the word from those who tell us that only they know what is good for us. Only they can save us from ourselves. Only they can do what is right. No one else, and certainly not any conservative or Libertarian with fanciful ideas about “clean” energy, etc.

Again 57-0. That sounds more like a Pats-Browns game than a Senatorial vote. What it really sounds like is a royal arse kicking. Ouch!

It really wasn’t a well thought out plan. The Dems want to ban cars, buses, motorcycles, airplanes, and farting cows (this is NOT a joke). The GND calls for retrofitting/renovating 100% of all building in America to make them energy efficient and ecologically friendly.

And since we can no longer use cars, buses or airplanes, they are replacing them with a “national high-speed rail system” that will go to every city and town in America. Including Alaska and Hawaii? We will stop using and will replace fossil fuels and nuclear power with something renewable, sustainable, green, and environmentally safe, within 10 years or we die.

And why a “12 year or we die” timetable? Ask Rep. Cortez (D-NY) and she’ll be glad to tell you all about it and how she came to that conclusion.

They also need to figure out how to implement the GND and how to pay for it, since the cost is approx. $93 Trillion (with a T). Also, the new “green” technology that is mandated to replace the fossil fuels and nuclear power we currently use and will cease to use in 10 years doesn’t exist at this time.

No problem though as some of the self-described climate change scientists can tell us what those new compounds will be and/or where the sources for the energy will come from. Surely they can tell us that if they know that we are going to die in 12 years, not 11, not 13…. but in 12 years.

Then again, if they are that smart, surely they’ll be able to save us.

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