Be Intellectually Honest ~ Which Citizen Is More “Special”?

First image of a black hole.

Just this week we were given a look at a wondrous and never before seen sight, a black hole. One of the greatest mysteries in the universe has finally been effectively photographed.

And according to the mainstream media, there is but one person responsible for this modern-day miracle, a woman named Katie Bouman. of 1%), a straight woman that is married to a man.

Katie Bouman contributed just 0.26% (¼ of 1%) of the code (2,410 lines out of 900,000 lines)

Who is Andrew Chael? He’s a nobody. He just wrote over 850,000 (over 95%) lines of the code himself, that’s all. His work was only the overwhelming majority of the total lines of code, yet Katie gets all the credit.

95% is just a little more crucial, and noteworthy, than 0.26% isn’t it?

Evidently not. Why is the woman given total credit for what a proud gay or transgender or queer or whatever did? Isn’t that some form of reverse discrimination or anti-LGBTQIA+ something or other?

We’re not making light of anyone or anything, we’re just pointing out the obvious, and the obvious answer is that either the media assumes that both of them are gay or both of them are straight, in which case the woman would be the preferred person of interest.

Naturally a woman (straight, gay or otherwise) would be selected to focus on over a straight man, but a gay man? What if he’s transgender and he identifies as a woman? Then there is a serious problem with basic mathematics.

This is akin to having a jet full of 300 people lose power to all engines 30,000 ft. up, yet the pilot lands the plane without crashing or loss of life, and then the news media gives a cabin attendant credit for saving all their lives and calls her a “hero” for getting people down the inflatable rubber slide, and also says the pilot did save a pet dog that was on board.

What are the facts? While Bouman’s photo is now trending worldwide as the woman that photographed a black hole, her part in writing the code was only .26%, (¼ of 1%) Her additions occurred near the end of the work on the code also. It wasn’t “crucial” to the development of the code, though all lines are important.

CNN, CBC, MSNBC gave Bouman full credit for the work. CNN said “The effort wouldn’t have been possible without Katie Bouman, who developed a crucial algorithm that helped devise imaging methods.”

They never mention other names of team members, and only in passing mention that “others” may be working on the project as well.

Chael is a self-proclaimed “proud member of the Astronomy and Astrophysics Outlist of LGBTQIA+ members of the astronomical community”, so we can affirm, that he is a special class, i.e. lesbian, gay, black and gay (ala Jussie, though Chael looks white), transgender, bisexual, queer, intersex, asexual, or another special class of citizen. He did not specify which he identifies with currently, so it could be any or all.

And the question….Be Intellectually Honest ~ Which Citizen Is More “Special”?

All Americans are special.

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