National Socialists of America (formerly the DNC)


Bye bye Democrat Party. That moniker is now a falsehood. There isn’t a single thing “democratic” about your party. Democratic is defined as “characterized by or advocating or based upon the principles of democracy or social equality.”

That rules out the DNC as it is a known hate group as it uses its militant wing, Antifa, to attack opponents, it calls for the assassination of a sitting President, and is now calling for one of their followers to actually cut the head off of the White House Press Secretary.

The DNC should change their name to be intellectually honest with their party and its goals. They are the National Socialists of America. They’ve willingly embraced Socialism, and their leading candidate to unseat Trump is a lifelong Communist. He now calls himself a Socialist because most Americans have a negative view of Communism, but Socialism has been indoctrinated into the past 2 generations of our youth, and they proudly believe in it and hate evil capitalism.

The Democrats were the slave owners in America. They imported them, abused them and killed them by the thousands.

The Democrats started and still maintain the KKK today. They knew this would help keep them in line after slavery ended.

The Democrats started planned parenthood to abort black babies so they could “control” their population.

The Democrats were behind the Civil Rights Act of 1964 which gave America a permanent underclass of citizens that received government handouts as long as they voted Democrat next election. Welfare is still a powerful force today in the black community.

President Lyndon B. Johnson stated when signing the legislation into effect “we’ll have those niggers voting democrat for the next 200 years.” He knew then just as the Democrats still know now that they can buy the black vote with promises of bling, reparations, welfare, food stamps, free “Obamaphones”, and other government giveaways, gimmicks and promises that are never kept.

The Democrats then turned on their own and started hating statues and other historical sites.

The Democrats then turn on a full 160 million other Americans simply because they do not agree 100% with the liberal socialist policies of the Democrat Party.

They advocate violence against anyone politically right of Stalin, advocate assassinating President Trump, and now they have just gone full blown Commie and are calling for the actual decapitation of government employees they don’t agree with.

Your father’s and mother’s Democrat party left the station many years ago.

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