Is Trump Guilty? No, It Was Just An Attempted Coup


The facts are in and the Left is apoplectic. After two years of lying, wishing, hoping, “bombshell” reports reporting on the President’s eminent demise, the Mueller report is in.

Yes, the report exonerates the President from collusion with the Russians. Neither he, his campaign, nor his family colluded with the Russians to steal the election. That was Hillary Clinton and the DNC, who’ve never been investigated for it, well never a “serious” investigation that is.

But there were media outlets and personalities that crafted entire careers around taking the Orange Clown down! The fed their viewers lies day after day. A new lie every day. New “bombshell” report that was absolutely the end of Trump, except they too were all lies. Made up by the Maddows and Matthews of the world where anything they say is taken at face value.

No, the report doesn’t clear the President of “obstruction”, but that really isn’t the question to intellectually honest people now is it? How can you obstruct something that really never existed? If there was no crime, there can be no foul, end of story.

Want those of us who are intellectually honest want to know is:

  • How can the President be “guilty” of obstruction if there was no underlying crime to obstruct the investigation of?
  • How can the President be “guilty” of obstructing the investigation of something that never happened?
  • How can the FISA court blindly accept any accusation brought before it, especially of this magnitude, without even requesting evidence?
  • Why isn’t Hillary Clinton being investigated for her crimes while in office?
  • Why isn’t the Clinton Continuing Criminal Enterprise (aka The Clinton Foundation) being investigated? Their “donations dropped by 100% after she lost the election because all she had to sell were political favors. There is no “real” charitable foundation, just a shell of one.
  • Why isn’t the DNC and Clinton under investigation for paying for opposition research that they weaponized and turned into the Trump Dossier, then provided to the media, Harry Reid, John McCain and other to disseminate to ruin Trump?
  • Why isn’t the FBI and DOJ being investigated for their roles in their ongoing criminal conspiracy?
  • What role did the CIA and/or NSA (Brennan/Clapper) have in the entire coup attempt?
  • What role did Obama have in weaponizing the IRS against conservatives during the previous Presidential election cycle when he was preventing conservative groups from advertising, raising money, tweeting, using Facebook, the IRS disallowing non-profit status, on and on and one…

To the Left, none of those questions matter. Their only concern is that Trump is tearing apart the very fabric of our society and they must stop him at all costs.

God Bless you President Trump.

Make America Great Again!

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