Enough Is Enough

Cellphone thrown at President Trump as he approaches the podium. What if this had been a bomb or bio-weapon?

The time has come to do more than just slap the hand of these delusional, hateful and dangerous Leftists/Socialists in America. A man threw a cellphone at the President in Indianapolis, IN today.

What if it was a bomb? What if this was a “dry run” to see if they could do it? We’ve seen the evidence that is now coming out about the Obamas, Clintons, DNC, FBI, DOJ, all conspiring to oust Trump, by any means necessary. And we know what the Clinton’s are capable of.

They are vicious and unforgiving, as evidenced by the dozens and dozens of bodies that mysteriously end up dead. No matter where they go, they make money and people die. The Socialist attacker/thrower really needs to get with Hillary and learn how to “take care of” people the proper way.

I’m sure some in the media were crying because it wasn’t a bomb. They had one of their own in, capable of getting a viable weapon within killing distance of the President and he only threw a phone? What if it had been a bio-weapon of some sort and just needed to be with yards of the President to be effective?

You can tell the “thrower” was a good little Socialist because he throws like a Nancy boy.
Trump was far stage left and the phone went far stage right, and barely made the stage.

The Democrat’s follwers, Antifa, Occupy, or another group already attacked a gathering of GOP members playing baseball with a gun, almost killing Steve Scalise. But they’ve excused the shooter as a “lone wolf/lone nut”, “needs help and nurturing”, and “he’s better now” kind of a guy. No problem.

His intent was to murder Republicans, and to the media, who barely covered the story, sans Fox and a couple of others, it was a complete nothing burger. They ignored it totally.

And let’s be honest here, the Democrat Party, their radical Socialist and Radical Islamist wings, Hollyweirdos, and the mainstream media have been inciting and encouraging violence against the President and his supporters for over 2 years now.

Some have even called for the President’s assassination outright. Others have called for the extermination of the white race and Jews. Some of these are in the US Congress and Senate.

So what’s to stop one of their Antifa thugs or Occupy morons from actually attempting to do just that next time with a “bomb phone”? You can bet they’ll use one of those nifty “Obamaphones” they give away for free w/minutes, just to rub salt in the wound so to speak.

We know the FBI won’t lift a finger to protect the President or a Republican. Maybe Barr can find the Obammunists and oust them before they do more damage to America? That would be refreshing.

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