The Media Is LYING…..Again!

If all mass shooting are committed by white supremacists, the police have arrested dozens and dozens of Black and Latino men for most of the murders. WHY if white supremacists are the shooters?

Many in the media and on the Left are now calling for the “eradication” of white people. So now, genocide is becoming “chic”? It’s OK to commit mass murder, only IF whites are the victims? That is the message I see again today in the media.

FACTS: Most mass shootings are done by BLACK MALES. The numbers don’t lie. The booking photos don’t lie. The facts don’t lie. Only the Media lies!

So instead of trying to create racial animosity, by picking out a certain race to get rid of, in today’s case white people, why not eradicate “mass shooters” when convicted? The day after conviction, terminate their life. They’ll never again commit a mass shooting, guaranteed, 100%.

According to every unreliable source in America, i.e. the MSM, white supremacists have committed about 100 mass shootings this year. Every mass shooting was done by a disaffected, knuckle-dragging, white supremacist, Trump-supporting Nazi that belongs to the NRA, doesn’t watch “Empire”, and hates Jussie Smollett.

There has not been a single mass shooting by a person of color or an illegal alien in the US in 2019, and probably never before in history, except the the 2002 D.C. sniper attacks. There just wasn’t enough time between all of those Trump-supporting, Nazi loving, white supremacist yahoos gleefully mowing down brown and black people by the thousands every day.

Yet if you dig about 1/1,000th of an inch down into the facts, you’ll find this narrative is 100% false, and again, is a total fake news lie courtesy of the media in the USA and worldwide.

Here is a class photo of all the “Mass Shooters of 2019” that had 4 or more victims. Remember, the media and Obama told us that it is ONLY white supremacists that are committing these crimes.

The MSM and the Socialists are screaming that “white supremacists” are responsible for all of the mass shootings in America and some are actually advocating for the eradication of white people. But 65% of the mass shooters are black. about 20% white, 10% Latino.

By our reckoning, it appears that there may be “some” people of color in the photo montage above. It seems, at a glance, that about 70% of the mass shooters are NOT white, but are a person of “color”. So just how does the media put out a war call against white people when it is people of color that overwhelmingly commit mass murder? Here is a breakdown of race

  • Blacks = 64
  • Whites = 21
  • Latino = 10

So facts show that blacks are 3 times more likely than white to commit mass murder, even though whites outnumber blacks by 5 to 1? The statistics are clear to anyone that is intellectually honest.

Blacks are 6x more likely to commit mass murder than a Latino? Where is the “racial equality” in that? How is it then determined that all mass shooting are by white supremacists?

Because the media lies. CNN, MSNBC, ABC, CBS, NBC, NPR, HuffPo, WaPo, NYT, and almost the entirety of the media is pushing an out and out lie so that they appease the Socialists, Blacks, Latinos, and Muslims. Sadly, even Fox News is now on the anti-Trump/anti-White/anti-America bandwagon.

The Left and the Media are pushing a hate-hate-hate narrative, and their followers are taking the bait. Open your eyes people. The MEDIA and the SOCIALISTS are the enemy.

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