¿Nueve pinche gringos muertos? Ese es un buen comienzo.


It’s been a little over 24 hours since proud, brave and macho Mexican drug cartel hitmen attacked 3 women and their 14 children, burning the babies alive in their car seats and murdering the women and several children.

We only call these Mexican sicarios proud, brave and macho because we don’t want to piss off American Socialists/Democrats or the Mexican government by calling these men what they really are.

We realize the media in America wants to protect these murderers and have probably invited them to sanctuary cities in the U.S. where they’ll walk as free men, forever, never having to fear being arrested or jailed for this heinous crime.

The Mexican government meanwhile continues to try and put a positive spin on the massacre by telling the public there is nothing to fear, that the situation is under control, the incident is being investigated, and that they will find the perpetrators and punish them.

In English this translates to: We know who did it, we know why, but we won’t do a damn thing as they can kick our ass, plus they pay us a lot of dinero to look the other way. Sorry pinche gringos. GFY.

The Mexican government won’t even tell us the actual number of dead and missing. Uno, dos, tres, cuatro… C’mon Mexico… Get your act together! How hard can it be?

The gracious government of Mexico has given multiple possible “reasons” for the women and children being shot and incinerated:

  • They were mistaken for rival cartel gunmen
    (Experienced hitmen mistook babies for rival cartel hitmen?)
  • They were in the wrong place at the wrong time
    (Then what was the right time and place to be on that highway?)
  • They were killed for their anti-cartel attitudes
    (Most of the world has anti-cartel attitudes, so kill us all.)
  • They were doing something (unspecified) that made them targets
    (What could babies be doing that pissed off the cartels so much?)

And at this time, this is the end of the story. Nothing will ever be done, we know that. You have to realize that they deal with something in the order of 50,000 Mexican citizens a year being killed, kidnapped, disappeared. So a dozen gringos that aren’t even Catholic mean nothing.

This is why the Mexican President just brushed it aside as nothing. Because that is what it is to them.

¿Nueve pinche gringos muertos? Ese es un buen comienzo.

(Note: Most of the Mexican people ARE honest, hard-working, decent human beings, this I know for a fact. I love Mexico and the people, and the food is 2nd to none. But their government/system is broken and corrupt and is in business with the world’s largest drug cartels. As the current Mexican President Obrador just said yesterday, “we don’t want a war”. So the government will accept the drug cartels running the country.

When the term “Mexican or Mexicans” is used, it is referring to the authorities/government/cartels (same same) of Mexico. NOT the people!)