San Francisco – The Liberal Utopia They’ve Always Dreamed Of – And Now Inhabit


The photo above is a disgusting liberal in San Francisco enjoying a snack it seems, of his own feces, in public. This is the sort of behavior not only tolerated but is condoned by the people and the government of San Francisco and of California as a whole.

The other disgusting Liberal is Joe Biden, the frontrunner for the Democratic nomination. But if you really want to see the video, which is too disgusting to put up here, here is the link:

In San Francisco anything goes. Want gay sex in the streets in broad daylight, a little BJ or something? No problem. Want to join junkies shooting up in the subway in front of rush hour crowds? No problem. Want to take a #2 on the sidewalk, downtown, in front of the bank, at 12 noon, in front of a crowd of people walking by? No problem. Happens every day. Want to see children dancing half-naked for a bunch of pedophile men? You’re in the right place!

The Liberal Socialist crowd. What a bunch of fun people. They are a fun-loving, dope-smoking, gay sex anywhere/anytime, needle-in-the-arm, crap in public and eat it kind of people. What’s not to love?

San Francisco. Liberal utopia. Home of anarchists, communists, leftover hippies, hobos, bag ladies, feces-filled streets, gay bathhouses, illegal immigrants, opioid abuse, MS-13 sanctuaries, infanticide, cocaine snorters, feminazis, liberal politicians, and shiteaters. A verified Democrat stronghold.

Please keep in mind that the citizens of California not only condone this behavior, they repeatedly VOTE for it willingly. They shall reap what they shall sow. Let’s just hope they keep it there.

A vote for Joe Biden is a vote for more abhorrent behavior such as this.

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