Is Walmart Price Gouging? You Be The Judge

Does this low quality, non-branded toilet paper really cost $6.12, or $1.53 per roll? Before the worldwide Chinese Coronavirus epidemic, it was $0.68 each as listed on their website.

They say a photo is worth 1,000 words, and in this instance more than that. Walmart purports to be American owned and operated, which may be, but who gives their marching orders to the stores? China?

We can’t speak to Walmart’s reasoning to charge so much for a cheap pack of TP, but they’ve surely got their reasons. (PROFIT PROFIT PROFIT PROFIT)

Also, when I was taking this photo I was accosted by a little girly man Walmart Nazi who got in my face and told me I could not take photos inside of Walmart. I stepped around him/her and took the photo anyway and told them to call security, which he/she then dutifully sashayed off trying to contact a manager or security to take my phone away.

Here is the photo from Walmart’s website advertising the same TP for less than 10% of what the store is listing it for sale as, but of course it’s not available online for $0.68 a pack, you must buy at the store, if available.

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