Wuhan Virus & Walgreens – Where Racism Is Alive and Well


Walgreens does not want Latino / Hispanic customers, or any customers that are not card carrying US citizens. If you’re visiting from another country on vacation, here on business, immigrating (legally that is), Walgreens has a HUGE MIDDLE FINGER for YOU, or in Spanish, ‘chingada’.

Juxtapose the below story with the fiasco currently taking place at the US/Mexican border, where hundreds of thousands of Mexicans and OTMs are streaming across the border monthly, all illegally I might add. They can go to any drugstore, Walmart, etc. and get a COVID vaccine shot, for free, if they want it, anywhere in the USA.

Ask DHS, CBP, CDC, etc. They are a priority if they want the vaccine.

Read on to see how you are treated if you do things legally and honestly:

Contacted Walgreens, 9427 S. Suncoast Blvd., Homosassa, FL to see if they would give my grandchildren who were visiting from Mexico the COVID vaccine. Of course, I was told. Anyone can receive the vaccine as it’s a worldwide pandemic. No problem.

They had them go online and sign up for an appointment, where they accepted and they received their Dose #1 Confirmation Numbers and Appointment Dates/Times.

They dutifully downloaded and filled out the required Walgreens form, i.e. Vaccine Administration Record (VAR) Informed Consent for Vaccination.
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When they arrived on time for their appointments, they were rudely, quite rudely in fact, informed by the manager that only people who lived in Florida legally could receive the vaccine. People from “Mexico” can’t receive the vaccine in Florida, which is technically, legally, morally, and ethically wrong.

When it was pointed out to them that their own form, referenced above, states in English, in Black and White: “Patients that are unable or unwilling to provide a valid government issued ID card will NOT be turned away from receiving the vaccine“, the manager said they are not going to vaccinate them, period, end of story.

Now, I’m not sure which of those 23 words from Walgreens guidelines the racist woman and others at this Walgreens could not understand. She was intelligent enough to claim to be the “manager”, but couldn’t understand plain and simple English, which are written guidelines by her own company management?

In all my years I’ve only encountered reverse racism by blacks, never by another white person. It brought a new sense to the forefront, and anger.

She refused to reconsider her company’s position, and stood her ground on her racist opinion that only US citizens are deserving of possible life-saving vaccines, that by the way are in plentiful supply all over Florida.

It’s being reported that 31% of the vaccines are going unused as young people en masse are not lining up to get their shots. And seriously, why should they? Even if they contracted the Wuhan virus, they have a 99.999% chance of survival.

So racists employed by Walgreens would rather people die than use a vaccine that there was nobody waiting to get on someone from Mexico, here legally. But try and do it with children here legally, having done all the right things? GFY was the word from Walgreens.

Well, two, count ’em, 2 words for you Walgreens.

You take a wild guess as to what the words are. There are billions of combinations you can come up with!

Long story short, there was a Publix Market just down the street, and they gave them both the Moderna vaccine with no problem at all, and did it with professionalism, kindness, a smile and grace.

And this was mere minutes after having left Walgreens, for the last time.