Enough Is Enough


LBGTQ, BLM, SJW, CRT, Antifa, PC, Woke, etc. are nothing more than a Socialist cluster of artificial social interpretations built on lies. The purpose of this alphabet soup of causes is to give moral footing to a myriad of social parasites that have no moral compass.

Unable to comprehend or stand facts, logic, reason, critical thinking and clear analysis, they enforce their lies with shaming, doxxing, and/or threatening via their ‘cancel culture’, which includes Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, Twitter and a majority of the so called ‘social media’ platforms, which are anything but.

Yet here we are. The children rule the roost. An skanky ex-barmaid, avowed Socialist, proud America hater AOC, is the most powerful person in the U.S. Government.

The President of the U.S. can’t put together a single coherent sentence if left to his own devices, and he goes off script often because his mental capabilities are severely diminished. When this cretin says “jump”, Pelosi, Schumer, Biden, Harris and the entire gang jump first, and THEN ask “how high?”

Then there is the V.P of the U.S. who can’t answer a simple question. She was asked “when are you going to visit the Southern border?” and immediately is offended and instead of telling when she’ll visit the border she says “I haven’t visited Europe either”. Fact of the matter is the V.P. was tasked with fixing the U.S. border not Europe. Yet according to her she was only asked to study the “root causes” of why people want to immigrate to the U.S., not to actually do anything about it.

Then the clueless head of DHS says the border is more secure than it’s ever been, locked up tighter than Ft. Knox., unlike how Trump left it (wide open he says).





Isn’t Socialism great?