Thursday, April 15, 2021
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The New Democrat Party

Venuzuela was one of the per capita richest countries in the world in 1999. By 2016 it was one of the poorest. The people...

Voter Fraud – Alive and Well in America

Every vote counts. That is the mantra, again, from the Socialists in America. And they are absolutely right, every vote should count, but only...

Is It Possible Whites Didn’t Know Black People Existed Until 2007

Former First Lady Michelle Obama is promoting her new memoir, "Becoming", replete with a with a 13-city book tour and most assuredly several softball...

The Fight For Freedom…Is It Worth It?

We are deluged daily by a deafening roar of vitriol and hate from the Socialists in America. They never relent. They may retreat a...

Journalists Or Partisan Hacks?

News reporters, also known as journalists, investigate, observe, interview and write news stories. Their general job duties include collecting information, preparing a factual story and creating articles...

When Does Your Vote Count?

Brenda Snipes resigned as the Broward Country Supervisor of Elections on Monday, Nov. 19th, 2018. She said she'd always done an excellent job, but...
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