According to Democrats, caravans of poor, uneducated, not vetted, possibly diseased, unskilled illegals are just what America needs more of. They actually believe all 6 billion people of the world have the right to come to live here.

This should not be an issue at all, in any way shape or form. The other 192 countries of the world, all of them, have delineated borders that they protect using a variety of means up to and including fences, barriers, cameras, sensors, border patrol, tanks, armored vehicles and their Armed Forces.

Conservatives believe any and/or all of the above systems should be used to protect our borders. Democrats say we are racists, bigots, haters and deplorables for this.

Sound familiar? Think back let’s say 2, 4, 6, 8, 10, 12, 14, 16 years? Every two years when we have elections the Democrats pull out the race card in one form or another, usually several. And since they’ve got the black vote pretty much locked up, they need new blood, and as of Nov. 2018 it has about 14,000 of them heading right this way.

The mainstream media bombards you with the trials and tribulations these poor immigrants have gone through to get here. But wait, if they are all so poor, how did they afford the $8,000 – $12,000 USD for each man woman and child? And who is paying for the food, medical care, clothing, transportation, etc. for this mob?

You say potato, I say potatoe. This group of Honduran illegals is a little bit caravan and a whole lot of mob

Caravan: a company of travelers on a journey through desert or hostile regions: train of pack animals: a group of vehicles traveling together (as in a file).

Mob: a large crowd of people, especially one that is disorderly and intent on causing trouble or violence. Which does the photo above more accurately represent?

The mob has fired guns at, thrown stones, molotov cocktails, bottles, etc. at Mexican police attempting to contain and control them. Dozens of women have been raped. They tore down border fences in Mexico, demanded buses, food, shelter, clothing, medical care and money. Wait… didn’t they just pay at least $8,000 USD to join the caravan? Yes they did, so they have money.

Yes, they can earn more money working in the USA, but that is not our problem. We have a system, not a perfect one, but it’s a working system with rules to follow and minimum standards one has to meet to be considered as a legal resident. The thing is, when the caravan arrives will we allow them in?

A majority of them have no intention of legally doing anything. They come here to work, not to fill out papers and do things the right way. Why would they spend months and/or years, get medical certificates, and spend thousands of dollars and still not know whether they’ll be able to be a citizen or not? Why pay anything or do anything beneficial to the US at all? They know they we will reward them with extended and generous benefits, but only if they come illegally.

  • come illegally and there are no medical records or certificate required
  • come illegally and you don’t have to pay thousands in fees for documents to file for residency. (the US taxpayer picks up the bill)
  • come illegally and you don’t have to go through the long arduous process that legal immigrants/permanent residents must endure to become citizens
  • come illegally and you don’t have to learn English or assimilate
  • come illegally and you don’t need a sponsor or a job as legal immigrant are required to have before being admitted
  • come illegally and you get free food, medical care, transportation and housing
  • come illegally and you get a path to citizenship ahead of the legal immigrants already here

America is not required to take in mobs, no matter what size they are. The Democrats actually say they are too big to refuse! If that is true, then what will stop the next mob of 100,000 or of 1,000,000? This mob must be stopped, using any and all means necessary. We have the right, but do we have the will? It has not been our strong point.

We’ve allowed one side to hijack the narrative, any narrative, and push one side of an issue using their bought and paid for media. Anyone or any business that disagrees with this “Democrat Approved” narrative will be doxxed, shamed, hunted down by Antifa or BLM or Occupy, will have their Twitter, Facebook and other social media sites deleted at the very least. They could lose their jobs, have their family destroyed, all over a false narrative.

And Americans are not the only ones that don’t want this mob invading their country. The people of Tijuana, MX are protesting the gang members, the violence, the filth, the entire situation surrounding the Hondurans. They don’t want them in Mexico, period.

Protesters in Tijuana, Mexico protesting the Honduran caravan overrunning their city. They say they are not well behaved, dirty, committing crimes, harassing women, leaving human waste everywhere, have many gang members with guns, etc.

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So even Latinos are tired of the caravan. They are protesting the caravan, holding signs that read “No To the Invasion”, “Mexico First” and “No Illegals”.

Univision host Enrique Acevedo said it’s obvious that “racism” drives the anti-caravan protesters in Tijuana. “Racism” he says, that “flows freely across borders.”  When Fox News host Tucker Carlson called out Acevedo on his idiotic statement, Acevedo didn’t have a straight answer for Fox News host Tucker Carlson. Carlson pointed out that they were all the same race. They were all Latinos. Acevedo further stated “…“Well, you have to understand that unlike human beings, intolerance, hate and even racism flow freely across the borders”.

So now when Latinos protest other Latinos, they are just being racist. They don’t have a legitimate reason to protest


No matter how many time CNN and MSNBC tell you that there are only women and children in the caravan, that is a lie. Mexican authorities say fully 80% of the caravan are young men and that there are the MS-13 members in the caravan, numbering nearly 500 that they know of. It is doubtful that they come here for jobs per se. They already have jobs. They are drug dealers, sicarios, human traffickers, pimps… Human scum to Conservatives and a large a powerful voting bloc to Democrats. Nancy Pelosi has basically likened MS-13 members to Saints and Gods and California offers them sanctuary in one of several dozen cities.

According to Nancy Pelosi these gentlemen have a “spark of divinity” and have dignity and worth as human beings.

We must admit there is no one better on the planet than MS-13 at chopping the arms off of teenage girls that refuse to date them and dismembering young men that they don’t agree with. Even as President Trump is in the process of deporting 4,000+ MS-13 members, Democrats are not only inviting them in, they are inviting their extended families and offering sanctuary to them all.

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