Is It Possible Whites Didn’t Know Black People Existed Until 2007


Former First Lady Michelle Obama is promoting her new memoir, “Becoming”, replete with a with a 13-city book tour and most assuredly several softball interviews where they are thrown “Trash Trump” questions by fellow narcissistic Socialists, of which no doubt Michelle can and will expound at length of the death and destruction that Trump has wrought on the country since the Obama’s left office.

“So much of this country lives in isolation and we just don’t
know each other. And so there were people who didn’t
know what a black woman was and sounded like.”

Michelle Obama made the above ignorant and insulting statement (one of many) in her new book. While being interviewed on Good Morning America, host Robin Roberts asked Mrs. Obama what she wishes she could tell her pre-White House self.

Michelle replied: “You know, the hard parts were the things that I expected,” Obama said. “That it was going to be hard, you know. So much of this country lives in isolation and we just don’t know each other. And so there were people who didn’t know what a black woman was and sounded like. So, I knew that was going to be a challenge, that I would have to earn my grace.”

So white Americans, according to Michelle, live in gated white people only communities, not allowing people of any color, not only to live with them, but all people of color must stay so far away that most of us had never seen a black woman, or actually heard one speak a human language, until her husband became President that is. Then we were all enlightened that yes, black women do exist and, lo and behold, THEY CAN TALK!!! Surprise! Surprise! Surprise!

First Lady Michelle Obama disembarks from Air Force One after one of her many vacations around the world. Note how she and her daughter are dressed very classy and elegant for the occasion.

There was no school integration, no civil rights marches,
no protests for equality, no TV shows with black actresses, no black female singers, no movies with black women, no black anything or anyone. It was our collective imagination.

It is insulting on so many levels, where to begin? So by her reckoning, millions of us did not know what a black woman looked like and we weren’t sure that they could really speak? When was this in America Michelle, 2007 according to you, correct?

Hate to burst your very insulated bubble there Michelle, but long before you and your hubby came along to indoctrinate us, we actually had a couple of black people living in America for a couple of years. Seriously, we did!

But you believe that white people are so insulated, so racist, such haters of people of color that:

  • we’ve never heard of Marian Anderson or Katherine Dunham
  • we’ve never heard of Maya Angelou or Rosa Parks
  • we’ve never heard of Lorraine Hansberry or Harriet Tubman
  • we’ve never heard of Shirley Chisholm or Maya Angelou
  • we’ve never heard of Oprah Winfrey or Mae Jemison

Or is it that you have never heard of them and you, once again, are merely projecting your ignorance? Or shall we just be intellectually honest and state the obvious? That you, Michelle Obama are a verified, certified, 100% guaranteed, lifetime warranty, white hating, racist Socialist. You lie about white people when you have no reason to lie at all. But it is what you are Michelle, and you embrace it.

For your evidently extremely limited information, many of the biggest personalities in business, sports, medicine, movies and entertainment are black people, men and women. When did Michelle have this epiphany? Before or after she told us that she was proud of her country for the first time when her husband was elected?

Was it before or after she told us that the movie Black Panther was the “first blockbuster-format release featuring a black hero front and center”? I think that Wesley and Will and Denzel and Halle and Morgan and Samuel and Idris and Forest and Jamie and Laurence and Chiwetel and James and Eddie and Danny and Cuba and Kevin and Yaphet and many others might have something to say about your conclusion Michelle. You seem to see everything through a black prism.

Of course, your husband was a rabid follower of the black supremacist, anti-American preacher Jeremiah Wright for over twenty years. He also is a friend of the Jew and White hating Louis Farrakhan of the Nation of Islam. He grew up embracing the intricacies of Communism from Frank Marshall Davis. Quite the pedigree there Barack. Your wife should be proud of you. You’re a certified racist and Marxist.

WHAT IS THIS SICK OBAMA OBSESSION WITH stirring the racial Hate pot?

President Barack Hussein Obama and his long time friend Louis Farrakhan, the Leader of the Nation of Islam.

So through the 1800’s, the 1900’s, and now into the early 2000’s, white Americans didn’t realize that there are tens of millions of black human beings living among us. Yes, they live in the cities, in the country, in rural areas, in the mountains, in the prairies, near the beaches, close to the deserts, everywhere! Only we never knew it… until 2007!

It’s time to rejoin reality Michelle, put down the crack pipe and smell the coffee. Even after your insulting, snarky and condescending comment about white women voting how their “husband, boss, son or whoever” tells them to, you take your racial animus to another, and lower level. And why aren’t we surprised?

You lament how so many women voted for a woman hater for President while ignoring the most exceptionally qualified female candidate in human history?  The answer is simple. Because we are not the racist, murderous and misogynistic heathens you continually portray white people to be.

You so want America to believe that until you came along no white people knew of, let alone knew one personally, a black person. You want us to believe that you enlightened us to a multi-racial world, and that white people hated it and fought it tooth and nail.

But the facts are that you and your husband are the head racists in America. You have been since your husband was elected to the Presidency the first time, and you continued the racial division throughout his second term, not wavering for a moment. Never missing an opportunity to stir the racial animus pot, you cannot help yourselves. You must inject yourself into every situation every time.

Never before in history has an ex-President involved himself in constant diatribes and vitriol against the current President. All the other Presidents, even LBJ, had the God given decency to know when to keep his mouth shut, but not the previous tenant of the WH.

I believe I can speak for tens and tens of millions of Americans when I say, unequivocally, that you are irrelevant and that we are ecstatic that you are not in office any longer. We grew weary of your incessant hatred and vitriol towards America and its citizens. Please give it a rest, for the sake of the country.

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