Every vote counts. That is the mantra, again, from the Socialists in America. And they are absolutely right, every vote should count, but only if it is from a legal US citizen that is registered to vote. That is the law.

Voter fraud is something that the media states “just doesn’t happen” in America. Whenever the Republicans complain about the thousands of dead people voting, criminal felons voting, voter suppression, voter intimidation, illegal criminal aliens voting, people voting more than once, etc. they are met with derision and catcalls.

According to the Left there is no such thing as voter fraud, unless they lose an election. Then it is voter fraud for sure, positively, 100%, without a doubt!!! Ask a Socialist.

Then the Left claims they lose due to voter fraud 27 different ways. Tales of gangs of white men keeping blacks from approaching polling places are commonplace, but never proven. Tales of gangs of white men threatening blacks to stay home and not vote are also common, but never proven. None of these alleged white on black crimes has ever been proven nor prosecuted, not a one.

Yet the Left has actually committed voter fraud and intimidation on camera for all to see. Yet they claim it’s all lies, the photos are doctored, the videos are doctored, etc. But anyone with a single ounce of intellectual honesty knows that is not true, as they’ve also seen the video, photos, evidence, etc. The photo below shows New Black Panther Party members with clubs and truncheons patrolling outside a polling place intimidating white people when they attempted to enter, blacks are OK.

The Socialists use the New Black Panther Party,
Antifa, BLM, Occupy and other assorted violent fascist gangs to intimidate Conservatives.

Then you have elected government officials that engage in a systematic and prolonged program of voter fraud, i.e. Broward and Palm Beach counties in Florida. In the past 20 years, they’ve been unable to simply count the number of votes they received in a timely and transparent fashion, and it’s happening again now.

Then you’ve got mental midgets like Georgia’s Stacey Abrams, who lost her bid for the Governorship of Georgia. She has filed a Federal lawsuit wanting a judge to delay certification of the race and force counties to count all of the provisional and absentee ballots that were incorrectly filled out, not filled out, have mistakes on them, the signatures don’t match the signatures on file, etc.

The thing is that even if they counted every single one of those ballots today, Abrams would still fall tens of thousands of votes short of winning the election, so what is the end game here?

  • to push the false narrative that Conservatives won by voter fraud
  • to instill anger and fear in her constituency
  • to reinforce the lie that blacks were victims of intimidation
  • to rally her base to demand a “re-vote”, not a just a recount

Winning by having more people vote for you over your opponent is the way to win an election, not whining, crying, blaming and making false accusations afterwards.

The left has vehemently complained about Pres. Trump’s claims of Voter fraud, but is now agreeing with him

They have found voter fraud in several states this election cycle, and an actual voter fraud “ring” in Texas. And for the sake of transparency, know that every single case of voter fraud that has been uncovered has been fraud in favor of the Democratic candidate. 100%. Every time. Always.

We’ve heard the same old tired story that Voter ID laws are racist, evil, mean, misogynistic, xenophobic, and racist some more! The answer for Socialists is to allow anyone that shows up, over the age of 12 that is, to vote by simply providing a name, any name will do, in any language.

Voter ID laws are not racist. They are meant to protect one of our most sacred rights, a right reserved for American citizens. The right to vote in American elections.

The Left denigrates and marginalizes blacks every time they use the tired excuse that blacks don’t have ID because they are too poor (ID’s are free), or live too far from civilization to get one, or don’t have the mental acumen (intelligence) to know how to get one. That is insulting!

This is a condescending and racist attitude, but not out of character for the Socialists, as blacks are still their favorite “victim” group.

How Many People Do You Know That Do
Not Have A Single Piece of Identification?

This means that this person doesn’t have a bank account, has never held a job, never signed out a library book, never bought cigarettes, never bought alcohol, never flown on an airplane, never ridden on a bus, never received unemployment benefits, never received welfare, never received Medicaid or Medicare, and never received Food Stamps (EBT card).

Additionally, they never applied for college, don’t receive Social Security, or SS Disability, never had an abortion, never gone to a doctor or a dentist, never rented a car, never bought a train ticket, never rented an apartment, never applied for a passport, never collected child support from a deadbeat dad, never enrolled in school, never purchased a car, never bought a gun, never donated blood and have never picked up a prescription.

They have never operated a commercial vehicle, never gotten married, never applied for a fishing and/or hunting license, never visited a casino and collected winnings, never bought cold medicines, never had a cellphone, never bought an “M” rated video game, never stayed in a motel/hotel overnight, never adopted a pet, never cashed a check, never been stopped by the police and ticketed, never opened a business, and they miss out on dozens of other tasks and/or necessities in life.

You cannot function in today’s
society without a Valid Photo ID

But being the excellent fearmongerers that the Progressives are, they use the same time worn excuses such as blacks and Hispanics don’t know where a DMV is to get an ID, and they don’t know how to use the internet to find one. The Left is telling us that minorities are too stupid, lazy or poor to gain access? Really? That’s very condescending and racist, but not to the Left. It’s empowering! When was the last time you saw anyone over 8 years of age without a cellphone/smartphone?

Then we have the Left fighting tooth and nail to keep dead voters on the voting rolls. The Left claims it is somehow racist to try and keep dead people from voting.

A 2012 Pew Center study found that 1 in 8 voter registrations were incorrect. That same study found that 2.75 million people were registered to vote in more than one state.

Does voter fraud exist? Yes. Is it rampant? No, but in our polarized society every legal vote should count and every illegal vote should be thrown out. Should we work to 100% eradicate voter fraud? Yes, we should demand a fair and accurate voting system. It is our most sacred right as an American citizen, the right to choose our leaders.

Socialists believe that anyone should be allowed to vote:

  • no ID required if you can give a name and address or a piece of mail with a name on it
  • no need to speak English (even though to be a citizen you must speak English)
  • the Left routinely registers and instructs illegals aliens to vote, and vote often
  • the Left repeatedly fights in court to keep the dead on voter rolls

We’ve got another 2 years before our next election. As Americans, we have a right that our vote will be legally counted, and is not negated by an illegal alien or other non-registered voter illegally voting. We not only have the right, we demand that OUR VOTE COUNT!

We denounce with righteous indignation and dislike those who are so beguiled and enchanted by the charms of Socialism that they will forsake the American way of life, our culture, our freedoms, our rights, our laws, and our borders, to “fundamentally transform” America into a Socialist paradise. Game on!

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