Who Is The Aggressor In The Middle East?

JERUSALEM, ISRAEL - JUNE 18: Israeli rescue workers tend to victims' bodies, lying on the pavement, at the scene of a Palestinian suicide bombing on a passenger bus in Jerusalem, June 18, 2002. At least 18 people were killed, some of them Jewish youth on the way to school, in the bombing. (Photo by Getty Images)

Imagine, you are on the bus on the way to school, or to work, or to meet your mother for breakfast, and the next thing you hear is a loud noise, darkness, then the loudest ringing in your ears you’ve ever had and you can’t hear anything else, you’re dazed and very confused, and then you notice the wetness and the pain from mangled flesh and bone in the area where your legs used to be. Then you scream…

Every day Israeli children wake up and go to school
knowing they are encircled by millions of Muslims
that are dedicated to their destruction and death

Hamas has just launched a salvo of 400 rockets and missiles into Israel. They are not targeted devices, they are launched not knowing, and not caring, where they will land. These “dumb bombs” are WWII technology, yet will be met with the latest technology mankind has to offer.

Israeli radar tracked all 400 objects to their points of origin, which were then promptly vaporized, but that doesn’t make the wounded or dead school children feel any more safe, as Hamas does this continually. Sadly, many of the rockets and mortars are fired from mosques, schools, government buildings or residences while using children and women as human shields. This was if, and when, Israel retaliates, they kill more than just soldiers.

At least the Israelis take great pains in targeting the weapons depots and launching facilities, and try their best to leave the women and children unscathed. Though this is impossible as the Muslims use their women and children as live targets/human shields, hoping they are killed so they can blame the Jews. It does wonders for worldwide anti-Israel opinion. This has been going on for 5,000 years.

Israel is not the root of the problem in the Middle East. Muslims are. They’ve been fighting each other, the rest of the world, Jews, etc. since their religion was created. If Islam would lay down their weapons today, there would be peace in the Middle East. If Israel would lay down their weapons today, they would be annihilated by next week at the latest by the peaceful and tolerant followers of Islam.

Israeli jet launched surgical strikes against weapons storage depots, Hamas offices and weapons launching sites.

Iran is committed to the destruction of Israel and the death of all Jews before they can annihilate the Great Satan

Iran starts out their weekly prayer meetings with the chant of “Death to America”, and this is not hyperbole or CNN style news. This is accurate. It’s what they do, every week, for the past 40 years. Yet their Ayatollah says “Death to America” doesn’t mean Death to America. They love us! They want to buy us flowers and candy and take us out to a movie. That’s what “Death to America” means?

Note that they don’t chant Death to Israel though, as they consider that the warm-up to the big game with the Great Satan. It will be their testing ground for new weapons and tactics, or so they believe. Also, they continually underestimate the Jewish state’s military capabilities and power, even though the Muslim states are routinely handed their collective asses by the Israeli military.

So it is incomprehensible how they plan on using Israel for anything except as another chapter in their “How We Got Our Asses Kicked By The Jews Again” books, TV series, movies and history lessons.

What the world should be asking Hamas is why they…

  • buy bullets and bombs instead of books and bread?
  • profess to love their wife and children before using them as human shields?
  • build terror tunnels and suicide vests but not schools and hospitals?
  • spend money on militia and missiles but not for milk and manakish?
  • preach hatred instead of love, teach killing instead of living?

This not only applies to Hamas, but to all of Islam. The entire faith is built around the need hate and destroy all other peoples and cultures that are not Islamic in nature. They’ve decided to kill the Jews first, then the Americans, and then we don’t know who is next on that “hit list”. Australia? Japan? Mexico? Canada? Russia? Only they know, and they’re not talking.

As of November 2018, there are 26 wars or conflicts actively being waged around the globe and all but three of them involves the religion known as Islam. This is not a coincidence.

Islam – The religion of peace and tolerance.

Peaceful towards whom?

Tolerant of what?

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