Lies and the American Media


This page is going to be an ever expanding page(s) of lies. From Democrats, Republicans, Socialists, Conservatives, Hollyweirdos to assclowns that must inject themselves into any and all stories. They won’t necessarily be in chronological order.

We know the vast majority of lies will involve President Trump, just as they have for the past 2½ years, since he accepted the nomination for the Presidency. Some are quite silly, some are dangerous, but they are all cherry picked facts, omissions, exaggerations,  lies or damned lies, whichever you prefer. Each subject has a headline and a Pinocchio rating. Please remember that most stories, even totally negative ones, have an element of truth and some facts to them. Example: When they write story about Pres. Trump calling him a Nazi, the Nazi part is 100% false but the President part is true.

Our rating system of Pinocchio’s is 1 thru 5 as follows:

 – Factual.
 – Some cherry picked facts and/or a few omitted facts to fit story narrative.
 – Significant use of cherry picked facts and/or numerous omissions of facts.
 – Mix of exaggerations and half-truths with significant omission of facts.
 – Mix of lies, exaggerations, half-truths with a few facts.
 – CNN level intellectual dishonesty and deceit. Few facts if any.

President Trump is a Nazi   

This is one of the most despicable and disgusting things that the Left has called our President. The Nazis and the Japanese were responsible for the deaths of approx. 67,000,000 (67 million) humans due to battle, disease, famine, starvation, pestilence, and a myriad of other causes. The Nazis murdered over 6 million Jews specifically because they were Jewish.

President Trump has not killed anyone nor started a conflict that has caused the deaths of millions, thousands, or even hundreds. The mainstream media now actually refers to the supports of Pres. Trump as Nazis also. Every day  you’ll see dozens of articles or news assclowns, i.e. Jim “Assclown” Acosta, calling Conservative “Nazis” or Pres. Trump a “Nazi”.

This is dangerous in that it is a blatant attempt to dehumanize the President and his followers. To make his supporters sub-human, worthy of nothing but scorn and contempt, and actually not worthy of life. And Antifa and BLM have taken it to heart.

It is open season on policemen and Trump supporters, or any group that believes America is a decent country. If you don’t believe that America is the evil, wicked, mean and nasty country the Socialists say it is, then you are a Nazi. This is a recurring accusation that is mirrored every single day by CNN, MSNBC, ABC, CBS, NBC, WaPo, NYT, HuffPo, Daily Kos, etc. They are using the Nazi term to rally the Left to battle. They are likening Conservatives to Nazis, thereby legitimizing our “removal” from society.

Stupid Is As Stupid Does

Jim Acosta / CNN –   

A legend in his own mind, is obsessed with confronting and debating Pres. Trump, whenever there is a camera present and recording that is. This is the guy that forced the White House to have to actually print out and hand out the Rules of Conduct for a WH press briefing. It has never been a free for all, until Pres. Trump was elected. Acosta never asked Obama anything more difficult than what his favorite flavor of ice cream was.

Acosta has made a career out of trying “gotcha” questions on Pres. Trump. Problem is that our President, though at times crude, rude, lashes out, thin skinned, tell it like it is, like it or not. The media can’t handle being outed as manufacturing fake news and B.S. narratives to “get Trump”.

Errol Louis / CNN –  

Are you aware of the legendary political commentator Errol Louis? Well it seems as if nobody else is either, but CNN keeps him around anyway. He’s been an ardent and vocal critic of Trump and all things Trump, so that does qualify him for the CNN “news” staff.

Error is evidently privy to some insider information that the general public is not privy to, i.e. the “caravan” that is supposedly winding its way north from Honduras and Guatemala, through Mexico to the USA, is “imaginary”. It doesn’t exist. He declared such on the CNN’s Morning Newsroom. All the photos. All the video. All the everything. Imaginary. There is no no caravan, period. Just more lies and distractions from the the orange clown in the White House.

Alisyn Camerota –  

All American women should wear hijabs To “show solidarity with Muslims”. Let’s just extrapolate this in a couple of directions then.

  1. A majority of women in the US are not Muslim and do not wear the hijab. So logically, why not mandate that no women wear the hijab? Doesn’t that make so much more sense? Have the majority of women have the minority of women do their bidding. The majority would win a vote, so be it.
  2. In a show of solidarity with Muslims, why don’t you strap some suicide bomb vests onto your children tomorrow morning when they’re getting ready to go to school. Then send them out onto public buses to blow up innocent women and children.

Alisyn has never been a bastion of thought, but does her solution really do anything other than appease a tiny minority of people? Muslims comprise approx. 1.2% of the population, so why would we allow 1.2% of the people to dictate to the other 98.8% what they can and cannot do? That’s way beyond Socialism, that’s in Kim Jong Un territory.

Lester Holt –  

Lester, Lester, Lester… So many faux pas, so little space and time. You could have been the man that brought some integrity to the Presidential Debates. You held America in the palm of your hand, and then? You blew it. But you just knew Hillary Clinton was going to be the next President, and there was no way you could be strict or demanding with her, right? I mean, there was no way Trump could beat Hillary, right?

Hillary had the charm, the charisma, the well thought out policies, the agenda, the intelligence, the money, the political infrastructure, the fake Russian “Dossier”, the DNC, the Russians, British Intelligence, the FBI, the CIA, the DOJ, the beauty, the experience, the likability factor, and she has a vagina (not verified, ask Huma)… She had everyone working for her election including Pres. Obama, and everything was going her way.

Yet Lester, you didn’t ask her about her email scandal. You didn’t ask her about her email server. You didn’t ask her about her UraniumOne with Russia. You didn’t ask her about pay for play and her Clinton Foundation. You didn’t ask her about her lies after Benghazi (Who’s Ben Ghazi, right Lester?)

Instead you regaled us with inane questions about Trump’s tax returns, opposition to the Iraq war and nitpicked comments made years earlier when he was a reality TV star. You also used an earpiece to have questions fed to you in violation of the Commission on Presidential Debates rules. So besides not being intellectually honest, you have no integrity as an unbiased commentator.

Oh, and Lester, your Hillary LOST the election, again, for the 2nd time. She lost. She is a loser. She is not the President. Not now. Not ever. Get it? Get over it.

Russian Collusion and President Trump 

If we had a hundred star rating, this one would be the top candidate for it. The “Lie of the Century”. The entire Mueller affair is nothing more than an exercise in futility as there is no underlying “crime” that required an investigation. Normally there is evidence of an actual crime presented to a judge to initiate investigations, especially ones of this magnitude.

The DOJ/FBI went to the FISA Court with a dossier on Trump full of uncorroborated and unverified statements of facts, from British and Russian sources, paid for by the DNC and Hillary Clinton, and compiled by the wife (Nelly Ohr) of a highly placed FBI agent (Bruce Ohr) in the FBI’s Organized Crime Drug Enforcement Task Force. The FISA court was lied to in that the dossier was presented to them as being “factual”, “corroborated” and “verified”, but it was not.

So now 2 years and millions upon millons of dollars later, here we are. Two dozen seasoned Democrat operatives/lawyers that hate Trump have spent 2 years going over every Trump record in existence. Every deal he was ever involved in. Over his taxes. Talking to all former business associates. Talking to people he went to grade school with for God’s sake. And what have these anti-Trump forces been able to come up with? NADA!

No evidence (still) of President Trump having colluded with the Russians, but they do have evidence that Trump COLLUDED with his wife and family to run for the Presidency and they actually all CONSPIRED to win the election. Maybe Mueller will lock up First Lady Melania Trump and Trump’s family for discussing his plans/strategy in the last election?


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