They’re Here!!!


CNN, MSNBC, ABC, CBS, NBC, NYT, WaPo, NPR, PBS, HuffPo, Daily Kos, etc have been manufacturing, then regurgitating each other’s lies about the caravan and its members for nearly 2 months. Here is what we “know”, thanks to the above media sources.

1. We’ve been told that the caravan is “imaginary” (Errol Louis/CNN), it just doesn’t exist, and was made up by Trump to scare “stupid Republican” voters to vote in the midterms. The caravan doesn’t exist at all! Listen and obey!

2. We’ve been told that the caravan is peaceful and would be lawful.

3. We’ve been told that the women and children are all political/religious asylum seekers that were persecuted in Honduras or El Salvador.

4. We’ve been told that the migrants in Tijuana number 20002500, 300040005400, now 7,200 strong, of which none, zero, nada, are gang members or criminals. Not one.

5. We’ve been told that the caravan is not a threat to the US or any of its citizens, and that in fact they are highly beneficial to our society. They add to our culture and our diversity.

6. We’ve been told that the caravan will not arrive until late December or early January.

7. We’ve been told that the caravan is at least 80% or more women and children, with only a few adult men tagging along.

According to CNN, MSNBC, ABC, CBS, NBC, NPR, PBS, NYT, WaPo, HuffPo, Daily Kos, etc., this is women and children heading to American for better jobs and a better life. How can we possibly turn them away?

But if you do just a minimum of investigating yourself, the facts begin to emerge, and they are in stark contrast to what the American media is reporting.

1a: The media is openly lying.  

If a picture is worth a thousand words, and if videos are worth say 10,000 words, then that still doesn’t equal the number of people in this “imaginary” caravan that has gone from Honduras, through Guatemala, through Mexico and is now camped outside of San Diego, CA. But for Errol Louis and CNN to still maintain that the caravan is imaginary? Every day on CNN and the rest of the MSM that the caravan just doesn’t exist, it’s only a few women and children, that the Republicans are lying about who is in it to scare you. They really believe that if they deny its existence that none of us, out of 330 million, will notice that it’s actually real?

2a: The media is openly lying.  

They’ve used rocks, bottles, and guns against the Mexican Federales and Army at Mexico’s southern border. They used rock and bottles against US Border Patrol on Sunday, Nov. 25th. Many of the women in the caravan say they’ve been either raped or otherwise sexually harassed and/or abused during their march north. Note: Rape and/or sexual abuse is a crime of violence. There have been dozens upon dozens of robberies, assaults, fights, etc. among the caravan members and with Mexican citizens along the way. Peaceful? Yeah, right, sure, whatever.

3a: The media is openly lying.  

Out of the hundreds of caravan members interviewed by the dozens of media sources, not a single one has claimed religious or political persecution. They only want better-paying jobs and to come to America. They don’t even know what “asylum” is, let alone why they should apply for it. And a majority of them have stated that they don’t care what the US or the “gringos” want. That doesn’t matter. It’s what THEY want that counts. And they have no intention of entering the US legally. And they state the truth, they want what we have.

4a: The media is openly lying.  

The caravan was originally 1,200 strong. Then 2,000. Then the Mexican authorities said it was between 7-10,000. When it reached Mexico City newspaper El Universal said the caravan was conservatively estimated at 14,000, and the authorities confirmed that amount. Since then, Pres. Trump has stated, repeatedly, that they will not be allowed into the US. He sent troops to back up his message.

Some several thousand of the caravan members have regained their senses and returned to Honduras, or applied for work in Mexico. And thousands are still on their way to Tijuana.

The media in Mexico says they counted over 500 young men sporting known gang tattoos, yet the American media says there are no gang members in the caravan. And how would they know if any of the 14,000 have criminal records? They don’t, they are lying. The media still maintains there are only 4,000 people in this “imaginary” caravan.

5a: The media is openly lying.  

When a person comes to the USA legally they must provide a Health Certificate from the Mexican government showing they have their current inoculations. Their health exam also will show if they have AIDS, tuberculosis, Ebola, and a host of other communicable diseases. Nobody knows the health status of a single caravan member. This is playing with our children’s lives and our lives.

Who interviewed 100% of the migrants so that they could ascertain the mindset, background and intention of all 14,000+ caravan members? They also have attacked Guatemalan police, Mexican police, US Border Patrol, each other, Tijuana citizens, Mexico City citizens and who knows who else? Peaceful?

The caravan members themselves state they’ve got no intention of following US laws. They say “Trump, we’re coming”. “Fuck Trump. He can’t stop us”. “Americans have everything and we want it too”. “We just want a job to make money”. “Fuck the gringos. We don’t care what they want us to do. We take what we want”. “Give us jobs”. “I want my piece of the American dream and I go to take it”. That doesn’t sound so friendly, warm and endearing now does it? Does that give you that warm and fuzzy feeling in your stomach?

6a: Surprise! Surprise! Surprise!  

On the 19th of November and thousands of migrants are waiting at the Tijuana border crossing to invade San Diego, CA, USA, and about 10,000 more are only a couple of weeks behind. And when the Dems file lawsuits forcing Pres. Trump into allowing this initial group of 4,000 to come in, then we’ll have a million immigrant march heading this way. Of this there is no doubt.

7a: The media is openly lying.  

Anyone, including the media, can see from the videos/photos that about 80% (probably closer to 90%) are younger men, in good shape, many so poor they are still fat after walking through Mexico. Women and children are from 5% – 20% of the caravan in reality. The mainstream media is still sticking with the “it’s only women and children” narrative.

Boxscore:  Facts & Reality 7 –  Mainstream Fake News 0

So again, the mainstream media in America has failed to be intellectually honest in simply reporting facts. This is all we want. Facts without the lies,  emotional pap, and the anti-Trump narrative. Not everything is President Trump’s fault, nor of his making. Some things just are what they are.

Yesterday (Sunday, Nov. 25, 2018) caravan members in Tijuana attacked the US Border Patrol with bottles and rocks while attempting to breach the border. Then another 50 caravan members rushed another section of the border and were promptly arrested, and they were NOT released as the Democrats are demanding. They were arrested, jailed, and will be returned to Mexico.

So everything the MSM has told us about the poor women and children of the caravan is false, fake news, lies, propaganda… Just like Pres. Trump has been saying all along.