ICE and Nazis and Trump…. Again?

If they are coming to America because they "love us" as the migrant's organizers say, then why are they carrying the flags of Honduras and other entities and not the US Flag? Because it's another lie perpetrated by the media. It looks like, as usual, they will want Americans to assimilate to the Honduran values and culture they claim to be fleeing from.

For the thousandth time this month, the Left wing media is comparing Pres. Trump’s administration to the Nazi regime of Germany in the 1930’s and 1940’s. And again, we’ll take them to task for it.

Organizers of the caravan were seen instructing young men in the caravan to use women and children as “human shields” in front of them as they threw bottle and rocks at the officers, and then were told to “rush the fence”. And naturally they complained that the evil American agents fired tear gas at women and children to disperse them. No, they were firing the gas at you criminals and you put your women and children in harm’s way.

But we’re supposed to forget the fact that President Obama gassed migrants on the very same border 80 times? And he was not condemned or challenged a single time. Obama’s Border Patrol used pepper balls, CS gas and other non-lethal methods against a horde, a mob, a gang, a caravan,  call it what you will, eighty times, not just once as happened a couple of days ago.

They also were large groups of mostly men, with a few women and children thrown in, as that that always receives undeserved sympathy for the mob from the media and sympathetic Democrats.

Yet predictably, Democrats across the spectrum condemned Pres. Trump and his Border Patrol / ICE Nazis for firing rounds of tear gas at several hundred of the caravan migrants who were throwing rocks and bottles at law enforcement and were attempting to breach the border.

The media and Democrats across the spectrum supported President Barack Obama when he ordered Border Patrol / ICE Nazis to protect Americans in 2013. But Trump is a racist and a Nazi for doing 1/80th of what Obama was a hero for? So what does that make Obama then? He then must be Hitler, Stalin, Mao, Pol Pot, Castro and Trump, all rolled into one. He is the worst war criminal that has ever existed using the current media measure.

The media has described Pres. Trump in many ways, “abhorrent”, “illegal”, “inhumane”, “Nazi-esque”, “shameful”, “disgusting”, “horrendous”, “a war criminal”, “punishable by prison”, “using chemical weapons against a civilian population”.

When Obama did the exact same thing 5 years ago it was “brave”, “patriotic”, “smart”, “courageous”, “forward thinking”, “compassionate”, “necessary”, “the right thing to do”, “a proud moment for the administration and America in protecting our citizens and border”, for the single day it was reported on. You never heard about the other 79 times Obama gassed children and women. Why would they report on these incidents? They already gave their wholehearted approval.

And naturally America’s stupidest politician, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is all in on educating the rest of America, again. She compared the caravan to the Jews fleeing Nazi Germany, but she routinely calls Pres. Trump a Nazi and calls Conservatives Nazis, so is she actually endorsing the people of Central America to come to our Nazi country only to be murdered?

Look closely at the amount of young men in the photo. The MSM maintains that 4 out of 5 are women and children. Do you agree?

Ocasio-Cortez states that applying for asylum isn’t a crime, and for possibly the first time since she was elected, she is accurate about something. Applying for asylum is not a crime. Anyone from anywhere is welcome to come to a legal port of entry and speak with ICE officials and to get a hearing in front of an asylum judge, and they can wait in Mexico, or Honduras or El Salvador, wherever they wish, for their hearing. Or they can go to a US Embassy or Consulate in their own country, which is probably much closer to their home.

What is illegal Alexandria is coming across the border without the proper legal documents, Visa (and we don’t mean the credit care), a Passport, current medical certificates, etc… Nobody except American citizens have a legal “right” to come to the USA, period. Climbing over a fence to gain entry to the USA is illegal. Cutting through a fence to gain entry to the USA is illegal. Walking or swimming across the Rio Grande to gain entry to the USA is illegal.

The caravan is still being touted as a peace making machine. Incapable of committing violence, crimes or creating a trashy mess. They are nothing but a few women and children seeking a better life. But the caravan is anything but peaceful as the Mexican authorities say they’ve harassed, bullied, threatened and begged their way north. They’ve robbed, and raped, assaulted police and border patrol with firearms, rocks and bottles when they see fit. And still the Democrats tell the migrants to “come one, come all, we welcome you with open arms”.

Where will America get the $$$TRILLIONS$$$ required to feed, house, provide medical care, provide an education (in Spanish no less) to the millions that the Democrats are inviting to come to America, this year, next year, the year after? What about our children? Our families? Our country? The Democrats have no use for American citizens it seems.

The Mexican government and the local Tijuana government says they can’t afford to feed the 4000 7200 that are there now, and that America must take them in immediately. They complain of dozens of rapes, robberies, burglaries, muggings, fights, etc. since the caravan arrived. And they are expecting 10,000 or more in the near future.

And this would be America’s problem why?

Mexico could have stopped them at their southern border. yet they chose not to. Mexico not only allowed them to come to Tijuana, but actively assisted them with buses, trucks, autos, trains, whatever they could use to crowd people into or onto. So Mexico is not innocent in this affair. They are outright enablers if not conspirators and should be held accountable.

To be fair to Mexico though, they are a corrupt country, from top to bottom, ask any Mexican. And the Mexican government officials, the police, the Army, etc. are somewhat poor, not stupid. They see a huge potential windfall selling “access” to US officials, selling visas, selling passports, or other such scams. It started the day after the caravan arrived.

Welcome to Mexico.

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