If there is a more egregious case of having a disingenuous, intellectually dishonest, racist, anti-American, America hating “reporter/agitator” than Jorge Ramos, then please let us know. How is it that this worthless carcass has not had his citizenship revoked and been deported? He is calling for all out invasion by millions of Latinos. He is telling the world that America will take care of them in perpetuity, they’ll never have to work another day in their life. Just show up here!

Ramos claims “It’s not an invasion. The U.S. can easily absorb these refugees without significant economic consequences. Many countries in the world help the 65 Million people who are displaced, and the most powerful nation in history also has responsibilities. We simply have to do our share.” Ramos states that the US has a “moral responsibility” to take in these and all future migrants, regardless of where they come from nor how many there are. We can easily take them in and support them forever.

So Jorge, how many is YOUR fair share? How many of these people are you going to absorb into your home(s), as you have several homes in the US and Mexico? I can answer that… NONE!

Ramos is now dictating that “his” America must take in any and all people that show up at our border. It is our duty. Hey Jorge, you are a Mexican first, American second. They came to the Mexican border first, so why isn’t Mexico then required to absorb them? They even speak the same language as Mexicans, so what’s the problem? You are quite racist and selective about where you want your Latino brothers and sisters to stay aren’t you?

Oh, that right, you’re a racist “elitist”. You’re one of the “good” Latinos. The educated ones, right? You don’t like Guatemalans or El Salvadorans or Hondurans as they are “beneath” you, just as us gringos are beneath you. You wear your racism of non-Mexican Latinos and hatred of America on your sleeve for all to see.

Why did you come to America if you detest it so much? Why do you want to make American like the 3rd world cesspool you ran away from Jorge? You even have admitted they are coming, not because they are being persecuted, but for economic reasons… JOBS!

Where does it say in our immigration laws that wanting a job is grounds for granting asylum? Which page is that Jorge? Which paragraph? It must be there, right Jorge? Please tell us what only you know, oh great one. Fleeing from extreme poverty and/or violence does not meet the qualifications to get asylum in the USA either.

Ramos, besides being the self-proclaimed expert on everything cultural and racial in America, is a multi-millionaire. He’s also a self-proclaimed independent, but he’s never had a single decent word to say about anyone right of Stalin. He may be an Independent, but his daughter works for Hillary Clinton. Just sayin’…

Just another example of the elite (media and political) dictating to the rest of us how to act, how to think.