Justicia Poetica


The old saying is what goes around comes around. Ask the good people of Tijuana, Mexico as they grapple with the influx of thousands of illegals from Honduras. In the past they merely were a pathway to the Estados Unidos. They’d sell them some food, some drinks, a little pot or heroin or meth or cocaine, give them a donkey show, and then send them on their way north the next day, after relieving them of some of their funds.

Many would just disappear, being kidnapped or forced into being a drug mule, a prostitute, a sicario, or whatever they wanted you to do. And to be honest, any of us in the same position would do what we were told. It’s better than a bullet, maybe.

For years Mexicans have come legally and illegally to the United States seeking work so they could make a better life for themselves. No problem. They come here because their own government is incompetent and corrupt and doesn’t have the infrastructure to provide their own citizens jobs and security.

And we have allowed it. We used to have a symbiotic relationship, but with growth of the drug cartels and human trafficking rings and the incessant violence, it has gone from importing labor to pick tomatoes and strawberries, to smuggling people, heroin, fentanyl, cannabis, cocaine and methamphetamine North and sending guns and money South.

This made thousands of Mexican drug lords, politicians, police, generals, and others rich beyond anyone’s wildest dream. We’re talking hundreds of billions over decades, probably into the trillions . Nobody knows. The amounts are staggering. Then the violence and corruption started flowing freely across the border until something strange happened.

A non-politician was elected as President of the United States. He was already a successful billionaire, entrepreneur, real estate mogul and developer and reality TV star. He’s not a Saint. He can’t be bought. He can’t be  bullied. He can’t be threatened. He’s as intelligent, stubborn and smart of a businessman as there is. He wrote the book, “The Art of the Deal”. He’s everything the political establishment in the US hates and is deathly afraid of because he resonates with people that think freedom and liberty is a good thing. That the US Constitution is more than just a piece of paper. And that America is a good country.

Finally one day, the new President up north decided that he’d had enough with the lawlessness, the criminals, the drugs, the guns, the violence. He decided that he needed to tighten down the border and stem the flow of people and drugs heading north. He had to fight the Socialists who wanted open borders and drugs flowing across, as this is their living, their votes and their future.

So the new President stems the tide at the border, and actually demands that the people coming into his country to come in legally, like all other nations do. The world doesn’t like this, the United Nations condemned the US for their “nationalist” stance of “America First” and for not accepting millions of “economic refugees”, which is what this caravan is. They themselves freely admit they are coming to America for jobs.

So the first part of the caravan is now stopped in place in Tijuana, MX. At first, it was all good. They sold lots of food and beer and drugs, plus the local prostitutes were busy for a few days. But now, they are still there, not being allowed to cross into the US.

Now the migrants are stealing food, raping women, using drugs openly, and God knows what else is happening among them. As the true colors of the caravan are now being seen by all, we see that migrants are violence prone. They’ve attacked the Mexican police and US Border Patrol over the past couple days.

Tijuana has closed the city’s schools fearing for the children’s safety. But if the caravan is 100% totally peaceful as the media says, what are the people of Tijuana afraid of, or are they racists?

We see that they are lawbreakers, thieves, druggies, gang bangers… All the things that the media has said they are not. The media has portrayed them as legal asylum seekers. If so, then why do they rush the border and try to crash it and come into the US illegally? Why do they climb the border fences? Why do they throw rocks and bottles at US Border Patrol agents? Why do they carry and proudly wave the Honduran flag if they are fleeing that country?

These are the things that the citizens of Tijuana are asking their government. Here are some of the comments from the citizens of Tijuana:

“They should not be in Tijuana”
“They are stealing everything we have”
“Send them back to where they come from”
“We don’t want them here”
“They are destroying our city”
“Get rid of the migrants. Make Tijuana great again.”
“We don’t want no more mariguanos”
“Go home we do not want you here”
“They are horrible people. Stealing, drugs, drinking, stinking.”
“They are smoking drugs in front of our children, using streets as bathrooms, having sex in public. This is not San Francisco.”

Those comments come from Latinos about Latinos. The migrants have torn down fences, broken into buildings, harassed local women, get drunk and rowdy, openly use drugs…. The same things they do when they come to America.

Now Tijuana feels the pain America has been feeling for 25 years, and they don’t like it either. And if America doesn’t open the borders up, which they are not going to do, then things are going to get worse for Mexico as they have thousands of human traffickers that depend upon taking illegals through Mexico to America. Soon Mexico will have 10’s of thousands of illegal miscreants, drug addicts, homeless, criminals, etc. wandering their streets, killing their citizens, raping their women, robbing their businesses, stealing from their stores, stealing their cars.

And all a sudden, Mexico is feeling our pain. Now they are beginning to realize what they’ve been doing for decades isn’t necessarily a good thing.

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