What Is Illegally Entering America Actually Worth?


People from across the globe want to come to one country, to the beacon of freedom and liberty, the land of opportunity, the United State of America. It is a privilege and blessing to have been born in such an amazing country. Perfect? Hardly. But better than the rest? Oh yeah. Be honest about it. Otherwise, why would you come here from your own country if it was that somewhat better?

Illegals ostensibly come here to get a job, to make a better life for themselves, and a majority of them do just that. Though they are illegal, they are not otherwise criminals as such. They work hard while they are here. Then there are some that take advantage of our system, smuggle humans and drugs. Sell weapons and women. There are many of them, and all of them are brutal beyond anything we see on the streets of America.

Let’s concentrate on those that come into America illegally, but go to work in a restaurant or a construction site or for a landscaping company. Are they paying their “fair share” of taxes? Are they using any government programs? Can they sign up for and receive Obamacare or Medicaid? Can they use the emergency rooms of local hospitals as their Primary Care Provider for free? Yes and no for all the questions.

The fact is that illegals are not entitled to any benefits under US law, save for one. Emergency Medical Care. So why are there policy papers and studies about illegal benefits, when they only are eligible for a single benefit, very limited in scope. Three (3) words again. Emergency Medical Care.

FACT: 51% of immigrants, legal and illegal, receive some sort of government welfare, whether it be Medicaid, school lunches, food stamps, housing assistance, emergency room trips, school tuition, etc., and a staggering 70% of illegal immigrant households that have children receive government handouts. Compare this to 30% of American citizen-led households receiving government assistance. You can see that there is a cost involved in legal and illegal immigration.

A Center for Immigration Studies (CIS) report states that no matter what the government says publicly, American taxpayers do pay billions of $$$ a year to support illegals and legal immigrants. So when Democrats say illegals live in the shadow and don’t get government benefits, etc., they are lying to you, again.

Different cities/states have different rules for eligibility for government programs. They might be Federal programs, but they are administratively handled by locals. So an illegal may be approved for Food Stamps/EBT in California that was refused in Florida. They might get a job in New York under the table (no Federal taxes, etc.) but in Illinois, they must pay income taxes. They might qualify for Medicaid in Washington but not in Texas.

Many, though not all, of the recipients of many of these programs, were actually citizen “birthright” children of illegal immigrants, so it’s an unsettled legal issue we are still contending with.

In any case, illegals normally use false/stolen socials security numbers so the ones that do pay income taxes won’t be collecting social security in 45 years, though many do fill out tax returns and actually receive returns even though they paid no tax. Amazing as it sounds, it is a fact to the tune of millions of dollars a year. Here is a partial selection of what America provides to people that flaunt our laws and shouldn’t be here.

27% of households with an illegal alien as the head of the household receive coverage from Medicaid, the federal-state health care program for the poor.

33% received food assistance, such as free or reduced-price school lunches, food stamps, or benefits from the Women-Infants-Children program (WIC).

Often, it is easier for an illegal with a business plan to get an SBA loan than it is for a US citizen under “special” programs. Why do people assume that illegals can’t apply for loans? They too have a credit history. To assume otherwise is racist, isn’t it?

For comparison, take getting a drivers license. In many states, an illegal must only show 2 pieces of mail with their “name and address” on it and they can get either a State ID or State DL.

These same states may require US citizens to provide a birth certificate and/or US passport and/or DD214, 2 pieces of mail, a previous DL or ID, submit to fingerprinting, etc.

America is becoming a haven/sanctuary for illegals and is forsaking their own citizens. Our American politicians, Democrats, and Republicans have failed us. President Trump is a breath of fresh air. He actually empathizes with the average American rather than the elite. We need many more of his kind in office, non-politicians. Don’t vote for incumbents, of either party.

The government and their bought and paid for media is the enemy of the people is becoming more reality than myth.

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