The Facts About the Caravan


It’s been a couple of months now that we’ve been regaled with tales of bravery, courage, sacrifice, steadfastness, intelligence, humanity, caring and love coming out of the human caravan from Honduras. They are all saints, no sinners. All good people, no criminals. 98% women and children, with only a couple of men straggling along with them. And the men are there only to protect the 14,000 women and children in the caravan.

This has been the narrative since the day the caravan formed in Honduras.

Now the facts are beginning to emerge, even as the mainstream media continues to tell us that it doesn’t really exist (CNN), to those who tell us to ignore the caravan as it’s so small it is inconsequential. But now the reality of the caravan is coming to the surface.

Disease, drugs, filth, gang members, criminals, and 90% or more are young men… It’s all there, exactly like the media was telling you it wasn’t. You are not to believe your own eyes, you are to believe the MSM. Listen and obey!

Out of the first volley of 6,000 migrants in Tijuana, more than 40% have health-related issues. Tuberculosis, scabies, HIV/AIDS, chickenpox, lice and a myriad of other diseases, infections and maladies not related to their trek north. These are the people Honduras is sending. Sickly, infected, weak, criminals, single mothers w/kids, MS-13… And there are another 10,000 or so following in several separate caravans heading north.

Then there are the problems with having so many sick people together without adequate sanitation, food, and water. Hepatitis is being spread due to the unsanitary conditions, and dysentery is a constant threat. And according to the caravan’s organizers, it’s the fault of the USA that these people are sick and not being treated properly.

So they came from Honduras, through Guatemala and then through Mexico, but it is the fault of the USA that they have HIV/AIDS, scabies, tuberculosis and chickenpox? How does that work exactly? What isn’t the USA responsible for then?

Just a side note: It’s also been noted that a majority of the caravan’s members have cellphones. They are portraying themselves as destitute poor people, yet they were able to come up with $8,000 USD EACH to pay to join the caravan and they are able to afford Apple iPhones, etc. and roaming phone plans, which are notoriously expensive. Do you have $8,000 cash to spend right at this very moment to take a trip? They do, so we can assume that they could have gone to a doctor in Honduras, correct? So again, just why are we responsible for their health problems?

The Mayor of Tijuana and other Mexican officials are calling on the US to speed up the process and/or to just open the borders and accept these illegal Hondurans as they cannot afford to feed and shelter them in perpetuity. Now Mexicans in Mexico are feeling the pain they’ve inflicted on the Estados Unidos by allowing millions of illegals to freely traverse Mexico to illegally enter the USA. And they don’t like it, not at all.

Well Mexico, we don’t like it either. Imagine that. You’ve enabled millions to cross the border, you’ve made billions in the process with your coyotes and human traffickers, and now you’re going to experience what you’ve been sending us. Hopefully you end up with millions of them in your country forever, and then you’ll see what you’ve been doing to us.

You called us racist for wanting you to apply legally to enter the USA. You called us racist for wanting you to follow the law. You called us racist for not wanting thousands or millions of illegals in our country. You called us racist for protesting to send you back to your country.

And now YOU want Honduran illegals to legally apply to stay in Mexico, and they’re refusing. Now YOU want Honduran illegals to follow the laws of Mexico. Now YOU don’t want Honduran illegals living on your streets, taking your jobs, using up your precious resources. Now YOU want Honduran illegals to go back to their country. You are protesting the caravan’s very existence, if it does actually exist that is.

Sometimes reality really sucks doesn’t it?

Citizens of Tijuana, MX protesting the caravan. They are already tired of the drugs, fights, crime, filth, etc. after only a few days, and are demanding that the migrants go back to Honduras or continue to proceed north to the USA.

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