And the Enemy is….. We The People

"Hate Trump 2018" tour. Headliners Biden, Zuckerberg, HilLIARy, Hogg and Mueller. Tickets now on sale: $15,500

You’ve been told. In fact you’ve been told tens of thousands of times as of Dec. 2018. You must hate Donald Trump, and anything and everything that he stands for. You must hate First Lady Melania Trump, who the media routinely refers to as a “former stripper” (she is not) and model (she was a world class model). But hate you must. If you don’t then you must…


As we are nearing the 3rd year of President Trump’s first term, we can see the huge fractures in the Republican party over his ascendancy to the top office. McCain melted down totally, as has Ryan and Flake, with several dozen others quietly jumping off of the Trump ship. And the Left? Double super secret probation thermo-nuclear meltdown!

The question is why?

  • The economy is humming, six straight quarters of 3-4% GDP after 8 years of not reaching 3% a single time.
  • The Black unemployment rate is the lowest in 40 years.
  • The Latino unemployment rate is the lowest in history.
  • The unemployment rate overall is the lowest since 1969 at 3.7%.
  • Personal and business income tax rates were cut last year.
  • Thousands of needless and redundant regulations have been slashed.
  • Consumer confidence is the highest in 20 years.
  • North Korea is not exploding nuclear bombs and firing ICBM’s over Japan.
  • He enforced a “red line” against chemical weapons use by Syria, unlike the Obama administration, which issued a “red line”, then backed off and let the Syrians gas thousands of women and children with impunity.
  • He recognized Jerusalem as the capital of Israel. The past 8 Presidents made a promise to do that, then reneged every time. Trump promised, and did it.
  • He withdrew from the Paris Climate agreement, which would have had the USA pay hundreds of billions in “carbon taxes” to poor and underdeveloped countries, and yet would have allowed China, India, Africa and Indonesia (by far the world’s largest polluters) to continue to pollute the Earth for decades.
  • He forced NATO members to start paying more of their “fair share”. For decades the US paid the majority of the bills for the organization. No more.
  • He’s taken a decidedly tough stance with Russia. He approved a $47 million arms deal with the Ukraine, imposed new sanctions on Moscow for violation the Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces Treaty and send troops to Poland’s border with Russia.
  • He’s wiped out the ISIS caliphate by unleashing the military, instead of micro-managing them as Obama did. He did in one year what Obama couldn’t do in 8 years.
  • He admitted the Obama strategy of withdrawal from Afghanistan was not the right thing to do, even though he had agreed with Obama on it. Facts on the ground and the recommendations of the commanders in the region were actually listened to, instead of ridiculed by elitists in the WH and Pentagon as they used to be.
  • He’s enacted historic regulatory and tax reform for the American people and business. It’s the first comprehensive tax reform in over 30 years.
  • He’s installed Neil Gorsuch and Brett Kavanaugh onto the Supreme Court. They are both staunch Constitutional Conservatives, believing the US Constitution is the supreme measure of law.
  • Just by getting elected, President Trump has fundamentally transformed America. The corrupt, lying, dishonest Clinton political machine and their continuing criminal enterprise, the Clinton Foundation is on it’s last leg. Pres. Trump has delivered the coup de grace that, hopefully, forever removes them from the political landscape.
  • Using tariffs and sanctions, he’s forced China to greatly back off of their theft of intellectual property. It’s difficult to get a criminal and Communist regime to do anything, but the President is making headway.
  • America is once again open for business.

But none of that matters. It is Donald Trump, the non-politician. The one that kept Hillary Clinton from breaking the “glass ceiling”. A multi-billionaire businessman that lucked into his money. He’s DONALD F****** TRUMP for God’s sake! You have to hate him!

And the Left/Democrats/Progressives/Liberals, whatever you want to call the Socialists of America, are apoplectic over Trump’s successes. Every day, the MSM has a new “groundbreaking” report, a new “gotcha moment”, a new “bombshell” expose that will bring Trump down. Every single day for almost 2 years now, they’ve lied, connived, manufactured news, lied some more, conspired, obfuscated, glossed over and lied some more about President Trump, his wife, his children and his cabinet/administration.

The Snowflakes, Liberals, Progressives, Democrats, aka Socialists have come totally unhinged towards President Trump, his followers and Conservatives in general. They now espouse violence as the legitimate means to achieve Socialism using the militant wings of the DNC, Antifa and BLM.

For several years we’ve been subjected to DNC and Clinton backed thugs (Antifa, Occupy, BLM, Organizing for America) showing up at conservative events and committing acts of overt violence. They show up at theaters, restaurants, gas stations, workplace, the homes of conservative politicians and citizens alike.

We’ve never seen anything like this before in American political history. The Socialists are refining their tactics for hunting down those who disagree with them, committing violent crimes against them, and then having their masters in the media and the DNC cover for them.

The media has created the narrative that conservatives and Trump are Nazis. They’ve repeated this despicable lie daily for over 2 years. Day in and day out. On dozens of MSM media sources. Over and over. Trump. Nazi. Conservative. Nazi. Republican. Nazi. Trump. Nazi. And they’ve actually got 10’s of millions on the Left believing the lie!

And they are beginning to reap the rewards of the hatred and vitriol they have sown. Cops are being murdered in cold blood in record numbers. Conservatives no longer are safe going watch a movie with their children, or to go to Five Guys to eat a burger, or to Sam’s Club to buy gasoline. We’re being actively hunted and targeted.

Make no mistake about it. This is only the beginning with the Socialists. They have much more violent plans for us, and you’ve heard them finally starting to actually “leak” their future plans.

You have Democrat politicians and/or operatives calling for the elimination of the white race. You have Democrat politicians and/or operatives calling for the wholesale slaughter of all Republicans and Conservatives. And they’ve got on board with their hate train along with the mainstream media. Even Fox News is starting to tilt decidedly Left now. They’ve got very few Conservative personalities left, and they are being targeted for harassment and removal from the airwaves, and they’ll all be gone soon.

So we have the media either creating or following a narrative put out by the Democrat National Committee (DNC), George Soros, Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, or the other bosses of the Socialists.

We have a political structure where the (D)’s and the (R)’s pretend to be “fighting” for us. They are engaged in daily combat fighting hard for our rights and our future. So who are they fighting? They pretend they are fighting each other, and they get in front of cameras and call each other names, denigrate their rivals, lie about their achievements or lack thereof, and they tell us they’ll go to the mats to keep us free and happy.

But they go to dinner every night with each other. They attend the same parties and socialize in the exact same circles. They are invited to the same weddings and graduations. They are living in the same elitist neighborhoods. The go drinking in the same bars with one another. Yet they purport to be “enemies”?

Well, they are enemies… of the people that elected them into office. They’ve got the perfect system. We vote them into office, allowing them to set policies, laws, fees, rules, regulations, taxes, fines to control us. And they do a fine job of controlling us and coming up with new and better controls on us. They come up with 10’s of thousands of new laws, taxes, fees, regulations, fines, policies and rules EVERY SINGLE YEAR!

And they give the illusion that they are fighting battles for their constituents back home, when in reality they are simply treading water, sucking at the public trough. They enter poor and come out multi-millionaires, all on a salary that you can’t live in DC on?

So the existence of the professional politician is predicated upon making up laws and taxes to add on to last year’s new laws and taxes, just so that they can justify their existence? They are self-empowering themselves and self-enriching themselves. They’ve given themselves golden parachute retirement plans, a health plan that is world class (they actually exempted themselves from Obamacare!), and they can come up with and pass any law or tax, to their benefit, that they want to.

Plus, they’ve got the media in their back pockets which will repeat any narrative the DNC puts out, as long as it does not benefit the average America citizen. The media has been covering for the Democrat pols since the Kennedy days. And yes, our politicians can get away with murder in America. Just ask a Kennedy.

Put aside any personal animus towards Trump and your racial bias against whites, blacks, Latinos, etc. Look deep inside yourself and ask one simple question. Are things really better today than they were 2 years ago?

And if you can’t be intellectually honest, even to yourself, to admit that things are markedly better now in 2018 than at the end of 2016, then you are an ideologue, and you are 100% correct.

We ARE the enemy.

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