That Was Me Too


The need to stay relevant can be a destructive force. You want, no, you need to forever be in the headlines, to be the focus of news stories, to be the one that everyone is looking to for answers. You must to be the center of attention.

But Barack and Michelle, you’re time has come and gone. You are not relevant, except for your “Hate America” tour, or is it just a “Hate Trump and White America” tour? At times it becomes somewhat difficult to differentiate, but the hate message is loud and clear. It has been since the day Trump announced he was running for President.

For nearly two years we’ve enjoyed an energy boom, massive economic gains, massive ISIS losses, thousands of regulations trimmed, unemployment and food stamp rolls emptied, millions of new jobs created, and a new sense of hope and confidence has returned to the country, and Americans like it.

But last week we come to find out that President Trump had nothing to do with the economic conditions in the US. He is a nothing burger. He’s done nothing since he got into office except eat ice cream and tweet.

Barack Obama told an audience at Rice University’s Baker Institute how proud he was of the “Paris accords” before saying  “I know we’re in oil country and we need American energy”, when he realized he wasn’t in Paris or Moscow.

The former head narcissist and self-aggrandizer expounded on his fabulously successful energy policies. “You wouldn’t always know it, but it (energy production) went up every year I was president,” he said to applause. “That whole — suddenly America’s like the biggest oil producer and the biggest gas — that was me, people, say thank you.”

Obama continued, “It’s a little like, sometimes you go to Wall Street, and folks will be grumbling about anti-business, and I say, ‘Have you checked where your stocks were when I came into office (2008) and where they are now (2018)? What are you complaining about?’” he said. “Just say thank you, please,” Mr. Obama said.

Of course he never goes into the small details, like how millions of Americans nearly lost everything thanks to his Socialist policies. But look on the bright side, hundreds or thousands of purported ex-members of MS-13 and ISIS, Muslim Brotherhood, Al Qaeda, Al-Nusra Front, etc. have been given sanctuary and a free paycheck for life by seeking refuge in the good ole USA when Obama was POTUS.

Our Savior and Lord God, still and forever, is the ever humble, the Anointed One, Dear Leader Barack Hussein Obama. He readily admits that Trump has done nothing, but that he, Dear Leader Barack single-handedly created the economic boom, and he did it while not even holding a public office! He is “Obama the Amazing”!

Of course, we all remember when Pres. Obama told us that none of us had anything to do with whether we became successful or not. He assured us that it was the government that built your business from the ground up, you had nothing to do with it. But if that is true, then why aren’t we all on the same financial level?

Why are some people rich, some middle class and some poor if the government was the deciding factor as to whether we were to become successful or not? Isn’t the government supposed to be color blind? If so then why have Asians in particular, whites and Latinos found economic freedom but blacks have not? If the government is the driving force behind the American citizen’s successes, then we need to know if it was applied equally to all races.

Well, that’s all water under the racial bridge now as Obama’s policies have finally come home to roost, so to speak, and we finally have jobs! In spite of everything Trump has done to destroy the economy and jobs, Obama’s policies triumphed in the end! It’s just impossible to keep someone this talented down!

Obama made every statement as shown above, and they were all lies and he denies making any of the above statements.

Yet, the “oil/gas boom is Obama’s boom” is just another Obama lie. He’s not even trying to be intellectually honest. He is simply lying to the American people again.

The Institute for Energy Research pointed Wednesday to data from the Congressional Research Service showing that the shares of crude oil and natural gas produced on federal lands dropped from 2009 to 2017 even as production on non-federal lands “skyrocketed.”

“Production on federal lands has not been able to fully recover from Obama Administration policies that resulted in a moratorium on offshore energy permitting and long delays in approving drilling permits,” the institute said.

But don’t tell that to the ex-Head Liar-in-Chief. He’s convinced he is our Savior, and no amount of facts, truths and reality can change that. The MSM has told him the same, so it must be true.

At least the Obamas are consistent… consistent liars and racists.

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