What Can You Buy For $8,000,000,000 ($8 Billion)?


A lot more than the government is able to evidently…

In the real world $8 Billion can buy:

  • 8,988,764,045 Snicker’s candy bars ($0.89)
  • 186,047 Tesla Model 3’s ($43,000)
  • 410,256,410 copies of Michelle Obama’s new book ($19.50)
  • 40,161 median priced homes in the US ($199,200)
  • Every professional politician In America and then some (Cheap)
  • 4,060,913,706 lbs. of chicken breast ($1.97/lb.)
  • 22,857,143 abortions at Planned Parenthood ($350 average cost)
  • 1,290 Obama homes (their “new” home costs $6.2 million)
  • 40,000,000,000 meals for hungry children ($0.20)
  • 72,595,281 seats to a Dallas Cowboys football game ($110.20)
  • 32,000 one-hour speeches by Bill Clinton ($250,000)
  • 160 two-year long Special Counsel investigations into Russian collusion and Trump
  • A cement slab 128,839 x 128,839 MILES in size ($5.58/ sq. ft. / Just a little larger than the state of New Mexico)

That’s a lot of books, food, abortions, games, cars, chicken, sweets, investigations and speeches. And if you’re really thrifty, you can probably stretch it a bit further. Also, if you’re a decent negotiator, you may be able to get some discounts along the way. But our government doesn’t operate like that, unfortunately.

When our government was controlled by Barack Obama, the State Department by Hillary Clinton, the Defense Department by Leon Panetta paid $8 billion for an empty cement pad, and a few photos of the same empty cement pad in the desert, of course with the requisite flown in construction materials and equipment for the photo op. That’s it. Nothing more other than empty promises.

For only $8 Billion of US Taxpayers money, the Democrats were able to build a concrete slab in the desert in Afghanistan, just like the one below, only much larger and more expensive. Yet we can’t get a lousy $5 Billion for a border wall?

A refresher on how large of a cement slab $8 Billion will buy:

  • A cement slab, reinforced with rerod, 128,839 square MILES in size, which is just a little larger than the state of New Mexico.
  • This cement slab in the Obama/Panetta/Clinton administration world may have been the biggest military warehouse in the world, in the middle of the Afghani desert. We’ll never know. The money, as well as the contractors disappeared.

Imagine this, Amazon.com has a colossal warehouse, which is 1 million sq. ft. in size. That is 23 ACRES, and that wouldn’t even be a corner bathroom on this cement pad, which would be over 128,000 square MILES in size.

In 2011, the Obama administration’s Pentagon gave an $8 billion contract to a company called Anham FZCO, a defense contractor based in the United Arab Emirates. They were to provide food and supplies to troops in Afghanistan.

Their contract was to build warehouses at Bagram Air Field. As the deadline for completion approached, the Stars and Stripes military newspaper reported that one warehouse was only a plain concrete slab in the ground and the other did not exist at all, even though project reports and photos had been given as assurances that the project was advancing on schedule and would be completed on time and only a “little over budget”, to the tune of $4.4 million.

When questions arose as to the viability of the construction sites, Anham FZCO immediately flew in tons upon tons of construction equipment and materials to create the false appearance of active construction sites and to take photos to “prove” they were fully engaged in the project. Anham FZCO then had this construction material and equipment shipped to Afghanistan illegally through Iran, and back!

The company’s CEO, Abdul Mazen Farouki, and 2 others pleaded guilty to eight counts each of fraud and violating sanctions against Iran. Mr. Farouki and his wife were Washington socialites, had donated quite a bit of money to the Clinton Foundation, and were seemingly close friends of the Clinton family having attending New Year’s Eve parties and a US State dinner at the White House with Hillary and Bill.

The company contends it actually “saved” the Pentagon $1.4 billion by reducing their prices to them while overbilling them $4.4 million at the same time. But seriously, what’s $4.4 million when you’ve already received $8 BILLION?

Anham was castigated and outed by an inspector general’s report that showed that Anham’s owners owned another company that was ripping off the taxpayers, and they, just as Anham did, received their contracts without going through the bid process that other military contractors had to go through.

 “Anham has always operated with complete transparency and compliance and is continually audited by the Defense Contract Audit Agency,” Anham FZCO wrote in a statement. Of course, he never addressed how or why they were simply awarded multiple billion dollar contracts without following the US military or State Department bidding guidelines.

The inspector general’s review found a company called Pioneer Iraqi General Trading Company, which was 90 percent owned by Abdul Huda Farouki’s family organization, had, in some cases, been given work, despite bidding more than 10 times higher than a competitor’s prices.

Among the review’s findings is that we the people, the U.S. taxpayers paid:

  • $900 for a water level electrical control switch that only cost $7.05
  • $80 for a PVC pipe elbow that only cost $1.41
  • $3,000 for a circuit breaker that cost less than $300
  • $650 for a flood light that cost $35.25
  • $350 for a piece of steel rebar that cost $16.92
  • Now add $8 Billion for a several thousand sq. ft. empty cement pad

And these are but a few of the outrageous prices we paid for everyday items, facilitated by Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, and Leon Panetta. How much money were these thieves able to skim from the myriad of money-making schemes they were involved in?

Note that the government under Obama did nothing to bring these thieves to justice. He was probably too busy trying to undermine Trump and putting spies into his campaign that he just didn’t have the time to take care of America’s business.

He blew the “Russian collusion/Dossier” thing also. Barry couldn’t even get that right. Sad but predictable.