Are We Better Off Than 2 Years Ago?


The results of the 2018 midterm elections were pretty much what was expected with the Democrats picking up seats in the House and the Republicans picking up seats in the Senate.

What is disgusting about the Left this cycle is the degree they’d stoop to so that you’d hate Trump or Republicans, to want you to commit acts of civil disobedience, to want you to commit acts of violence on Republicans and Trump followers, etc.

And why on Earth the left thought that putting out a disgusting photo of a bunch of fugly and overweight progressives would make anyone change their vote is beyond logical thinking.

What is surprising this election cycle is the absolute ignorance of the American voter concerning actual facts that they should know if they voted. Hating Trump is not a reason to vote for anyone or a party.

3.7% Unemployment:

Talk to young people and Democrats and they’ll tell you the economy is the worst it’s been since the Great Depression, and they seriously believe it, or the “people” do. The politicians know better but it’s in their interest to keep the cattle…err the people bereft of facts and truths. You tell them it’s been 3.7% for 3 months in a row, something that has not happened in any administration in 40 years, and they’ll call you a liar.

5.8% Black Unemployment Rate

This one really rankles the Democrats, as Blacks have been their “bread and butter”, their “go to” votes, their “we can call them stupid and ugly and they’ll still vote for us” constituency for decades. They’ve told Blacks that only about half of them will ever find work because of “the man holding you down”, the white man that is. 

Since 1964 they’ve been promising the world to Blacks. Just vote for us one more time they’d say, and we’ll take “it” from those evil Republicans and give “it” to you. And after election day? “Oh sorry, but we need more money and more time, but the NEXT election we’ll get them, I promise!”

They start courting a new crop of constituents, i.e. Muslims, Latinos, Asians, Haitians, Cambodians, illegals, etc. the day after that. There is a reason that Democrats are demanding open borders and it’s not humanitarian. It’s for the votes.

Job Creation

Obama’s job creation strategy was to have the highest corporate tax rates in the industrialized world and we did. To kill American entrepreneurship with stifling regulations and taxes. To decimate small business with taxes and regulations. 

Obama gave hundreds of billions, from his $700 billion stimulus plan to an amazing array of “green” companies that were never even close to nor intended to give a ROI on these US Taxpayers billion dollar investments. It was merely photo ops for the “green” community and to further ingratiate himself with the globalists/socialists of the world.

Green energy companies such as Solyndra, Bright Source, Solar Trust of America, LSP Energy, Energy Conversion Devices, Abound Solar, Sun Power, Beacon Power, Ecotality, A123 Solar, UniSolar, Azure Dynamics, Evergreen Solar, and Ener1, Inc. No?

You should as you, we, the American taxpayers, invested hundreds of billions in them from that fabulous and ever popular Obama Stimulus, and never got a penny in return. They all went bankrupt shortly after receiving their Obama money, and never had to pay the money back, as they were not loans, but “grants”.

But those were some fine photos they took!

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