Comey – Conspirator or Clown?


James Comey had what was said to be an honorable career at the FBI. That is until Trump arrived on the scene. Comey did not like Trump and was willing to do anything and everything in his power to stop him, and he tried, and is still lying about it.

“He basically confirmed the perception of the American people of pretty expansive bias on the part of himself and his inner circle, I think he’s been thoroughly discredited”, says Chris Swecker, Former FBI Asst. Director. According to Swecker, Comey “broke every rule in the book” and has “thoroughly discredited himself”. 

Swecker, who was Assistant FBI Director under the President George W. Bush administration, worked with Comey and states that he respected him, but he also said that Comey made up rules as he went along and leaked information to media outlets when it suited his agenda.

During a closed-door, six-hour round of testimony to a joint Congressional committee, Comey answered questions about the Clinton email probe and his 2017 firing by President Trump.

The FBI Director is theoretically the one person in the US system of law enforcement that is supposed to be above reproach and incorruptible. Of course we know this is not the case, take J. Edgar Hoover for example. But he is not supposed to be a conspirator with others in the DOJ and FBI to prevent a private citizen from running for and/or winning the Presidency. Nor is he to oversee a concerted effort to unseat a legally and duly elected President using fake/manufactured materials which were submitted to the FISA Court.

But James Comey did both, and a lot more. He lied to Congress. He lied to the President. He lied to the American people. He was one of the principals in both of the conspiracies (Plan A failed and Plan B is still in an ongoing operation mode) against Donald Trump, or more specifically, against the will and the votes of the American people.

Comey was evasive, smarmy, snarky and condescending in his answers before the government committees he’s been forced to testify before. He has not provided transparent and truthful answers to anything. He’s simply obfuscating and deflecting and lying.

He knew that the DNC and Hillary Clinton paid for the “Russian dossier”. He knew that a British ex-spy had hired Russians with connections to the Russian intelligence services to deal dirt on Trump. He knew that Nellie Ohr was assisting FusionGPS in compiling and manufacturing the dossier (Nellie is married to a top FBI man, Bruce Ohr). Comey KNEW the dossier was fake, had no substantiated claims and was not a valid document.

Yet he took it to the FISA court as factual, corroborated and verified. And then they used the FISA court’s warrant to insert several spies into the Trump campaign.

The rest is history that is unfolding before our very eyes.

Comey lied when he told Congress he did not know that Clinton or the DNC had paid for the dossier.

Comey lied when he told Congress he did not know that the dossier was full of salacious and false allegations. 

Comey lied when he said he didn’t “leak” any information to the media. He leaked it, then used those “news reports” as confirmation to the FISA court that the information was already in the public domain.

If any normal American lies to the FBI or the DOJ, they get prosecuted and jailed. Comey and Clinton conspire to bring down a President and they are rewarded?

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