AMLO – The Proud Socialista


Andrés Manuel López Obrador, often abbreviated as AMLO, is the 58th President of Mexico. An avowed Socialist, he basically promises to make the poor wealthier, the wealthy more poor and everyone in between very happy. 

AMLO says “Mexico and the U.S. are bound not only because of the common border, but by a shared culture and history.”

He also states that “if we accept the rule of those who think they are the bosses and lords of Mexico, nothing will change for the people on the bottom.”

He adds “Without economic growth and job creation in Mexico, we won’t be able to confront the migratory phenomenon.”

He has put the Presidential jet up for sale, he’ll fly commercial, and not 1st Class he says. He refuses to use the armored, bulletproof, gas proof Presidential limousine, and instead rides around in a Volkswagen. He is not going to live in the Presidential quarters as he prefers to rent a small place. He let the Presidential guard service go, as the people will protect him.

All of this goes over very well with his poor, uneducated campesinos that love him so much. The pampered rich that are in his camp believe that he will spare their wealth because they voted for him. But to the majority of the Mexican people, they don’t know what to think of him. Many believe he’s a donkey, stubborn and stupid, while others think he’s the fox, smart and wily.

He is worth millions and owns many properties, yet he presents himself as a “man of the people”, and only time will tell the real story. At this point, we must take him at his word and assume he’ll do what he said he’d do for the people that voted for him. 

He was voted into office with a mandate that the Mexican people want carried out, much as Trump was in America. He’s started off by doing things he said he’d do, also as Trump has tried to do.

But many says that he is a charlatan, a liar, a fraud, a clown. But he’ll continue to get the benefit of the doubt until he proves otherwise. Before he was El Presidente, he allegedly stole millions and had been implicated in a horrific disaster and other nefarious activities.

He is not a choir boy, he is a Socialist, and they play dirty. They play to dominate. Just remember, Socialism is for the people, not the Socialist.

When did you last see a skinny, starving Socialist/Communist leader? Pol Pot? Maduro? Chavez? Castro? Kim Jong-un? Ortega? Gorbachev? Xi Jinping? Shastri? Nasser? Allende? Hollande? Menchu? Randolph? Funes? Aleman? Qarase? Paulos? Milosevic? Asturias? 

He promised last year to personally lead a “million immigrant march” to the American border, yet now he sounds a lot like our own President Trump on immigration. He’s a hawk on protecting Mexicans, the Mexican border and Mexican jobs, just like Trump is about protecting Americans, the American border and American jobs. 

Labels of the political party are not important. It’s now actions and deeds that will be measured against past administrations. Obrador has many problems. The drug cartels, human trafficking rings, kidnapping gangs (all tentacles of cartels), a devalued pesos, high unemployment, illegal immigration, corrupt officials, corrupt law enforcement, corrupt military, an overall weak economy…

But you can make significant progress by being honest, fair, non-partisan, and above all, a man of your word.

Please, President Obrador, do the right things for your country. Make all Mexicans proud. Make Mexico Great Again!

Viva Mexico!

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