Parental Rights vs. Gay Rights


This article is about mothers and fathers and their right to protect, nurture, and teach their child their morals, ethics, and beliefs.

So before you gays, lesbians, bisexuals, trannies, pedophiles, etc. get your collective panties twisted in a knot, this article is not denigrating you or your sexual proclivities. That is between you and your partner. As long as it does not involve children, violence, or predatory behavior, go for it.

You made it through grade school and high school. You may have gone to college or to a trades school. You may have gone into the military or taken a year off to trek around the globe in search of yourself. You might have immediately gone to work for a living.

Then little by little you started to settle down. You dated and found the woman or man of your dreams. You got married. You bought a new car. You bought a house. You started a retirement account. You planned your life to include children. Then you had that wonderful child. It was a boy, but could have been a girl. It would have made no difference. You love your child without reservation.

To you, he is perfect. You care for him, feed him, clothe him, provide medical care, toys, a warm and loving home, and you send him to a highly thought of preschool. At his pre-school, they theoretically are supposed to help to educate children, teaching them to count, the alphabet, etc., but its main function is so that the children can learn to interact and relate to one another and learn how to get along and play/share with others.

It is the parent’s duty to teach their child manners. It is up to the parents as to whether their child to go church or not. It is up to the parents to teach the child morals and ethics. It is up to the parents to teach their children right from wrong. It is the parent’s duty to nurture their children while their minds form and mature.

And in America, the parents are allowed to raise their children as they see fit, within the bounds of the law. They can raise their child to be a nun or a nuclear engineer. They can raise their child to be a doctor or a ditch digger. They can raise their child to be a Buddhist or an atheist. They can raise their child to be a pacifist or a fighter. They can raise their child to like mashed potatoes or hate mashed potatoes. They alone have those rights.

The schools should educate the children, not indoctrinate them, correct?


When is a preschool allowed to force your child to participate in a gay pride parade against your wishes? Whenever they want to is the answer. Mommy Underground reports that 5-year-old children were forced to support a gay pride parade without asking for permission from nor even informing the parents of their upcoming actions.

When a little boy told his mother what he had done that day, she posted details of the incident on Facebook, and the following day went to the school to speak with the “educators/indoctrinators”.

The school, having the typical Left-leaning faculty and administration as most schools have, would surely have dismissed her concerns out of hand, but they chose to just tell her to piss off and barred her from entering the school admin building. The Facebook post really tweaked them.

Seriously, how dare this woman demand that they allow her to know what the school does with her son for 6 hours a day! The temerity! The cojones! They are THE school…approved by the government! LISTEN AND OBEY!

So the school punished the 5-year-old, for telling the truth, to 3 hours of detention the day the mother posted on FB, and have continued to harass and call out and further punish the little boy for his mother’s actions.

The mother wished to confront school officials to voice her concerns about her child being forced to participate in an event that celebrated the homosexual lifestyle. She wanted to tell them it was a violation of her parental rights to teach her son morals according to their standards, not her and her husband’s morals.

The 5-year-old has no idea why he’s being punished. He doesn’t even know what a gay, queer, tranny or pedophile is, or rather he should NOT know what they are at his age. The school is using him to attack Christianity, and it’s not the first time. They’ve previously given a platform to teaching the kids about “drag queens” and the different genders, all 31 of them.

The unidentified mother (so as to protect the identity of the child) stated:

“After I complained about my young child being forced to take place in an event that goes against our Christian beliefs, the school’s attitude towards me changed completely. I know other parents who are afraid to speak up because of how the school has treated me,” she said.

“It was like being bullied. They stopped treating me like any other parent but were antagonistic towards me. I believe that they retaliated against me by unreasonably excluding me from the premises, victimising my child and not taking my safeguarding concerns seriously,” she continued.”

The indoctrination of our children into the homosexual lifestyle
is not the purpose of schools in America, or is it?

This is not an isolated incident. It’s happening with increasing frequency all over the country. Years ago it was just gays being foisted upon us. Now it is transgenders. Next will be pedophiles and after that bestiality. The Left has no morals, after all, it’s only sex.

Headlines across the world have been telling us the transgender children are “changing the world”, but to be honest, the kids wouldn’t know a tranny from a granny without someone teaching them about alternative sexual lifestyles. Is it the parent’s job or the school’s job to teach your children about gay sex and sex change operations?

The schools state they have a duty to teach your child about alternative sexual lifestyles because they are real and they do exist in the world. So by using the same logic, shouldn’t we also teach them how to be terrorists, or mass murderers, or Priests or Nuns, or a chimney sweep, or a doctor, or an IT specialist, or devil worshipers?

Parental rights do not cease simply because the child walks into a school building. A building by the way that the parents paid for. A building full of teachers and administrators and other support staff that are paid salaries by the parents.

We must gain back control over our educational system. It has been decimated by decades of Leftist control over the curriculum and lesson plans. Where children used to learn history, math, geography, science, health, shop classes, physical education, writing, English, and reading we now teach children how to put condoms on cucumbers, and that it’s better to have a mommy and a mommy that to have a mommy and a daddy.

They are taught about drag queens, and sex change operations, HIV/AIDS, anal sex, oral sex… IN GRADE SCHOOL!!!

When is enough enough? We say NOW!

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