Dems – No Walls, No Borders

These are legal DACA recipients protesting the US enforcing our borders. Why are these people even here?

Clearly, the line in the sand has been drawn after Tuesday’s meeting between Pres. Trump and Sen. Pelosi (D-CA) and Sen. Schumer (D-NY). Both Pelosi and Schumer demanded, “for the sake of transparency”, to have a closed-door meeting with the President, without the press. Just how that is “transparent” is not apparent, but Democrats are Democrats and are not very logical creatures.

When the meeting was over they rushed outside to the same press that they didn’t want to hold the meeting in front of in the first place, to tell them that the evil President refused to have a secret, closed door meeting with them! Hey Nance, we got that from the numerous times you requested to move the conversation behind closed doors. Are you senile or just stupid?

The President refused and proceeded to hold the meeting in the Oval Office with the press recording every word, and the Senators were visibly upset. This strategy by the President meant that they could not come out of the meeting and lie about what the President said and/or promised them, which is exactly what they always do.

Pelosi started the meeting out by railing against what she calls the “Trump shutdown”, and Pelosi repeatedly asked the President to suspend the public meeting and to go behind closed doors to continue. She refused to speak freely in front of the cameras and simply regurgitated the DNC talking points instead. But President Trump didn’t hold back.

He told them it would be the “Trump shutdown”, absolutely… They were visibly taken aback at this, and could only mumble, talk over the President, and other childish behavior. Watch the video and look at their body language, it’s revealing as it shows the Democrats as the petulant children that they actually are. 

Watch Schumer play and smile to the cameras with talking point after talking point while offering no real solutions. He says the Senate has solutions for border security that will pass muster, but NO WALL, period, end of story, fuhgeddaboudit. He only alludes to solutions, never offers a single one.

Schumer and Pelosi accused Trump of “terrorizing and destroying communities” with his racist, nationalistic policies of a secure border with a border wall. They did not elaborate as to where these mysterious terrorized and destroyed communities are, but they must exist because Pelosi and Schumer said so.

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