Did Jakelin Caal Maquin Have To Die?

7-year-old Jakelin died after her father walked her from Guatemala to the US border with no food or water. Democrats are blaming US Border Patrol & Trump's policies for her death, not her father's actions.

If you watch CNN or MSNBC for more than 20 seconds, it becomes clear that either Donald J. Trump or the US Border Patrol, wantonly, with malice, aforethought and in cold blood, murdered a 7-year-old girl that was brought across the border illegally by her father.

No, they didn’t shoot her. They didn’t “MS-13” her and chop her arms off and watch her bleed to death. They didn’t even legally execute her. But they killed her just the same. Ask any Socialist. They’ll confirm it to you. She died while in the custody of the Border Patrol (i.e. President Trump). It is their fault she passed away. Noone else bears any responsibility.

You see, Jakelin Caal Malquin was an innocent child who had never harmed an American citizen in her life, yet Trump or the Border Patrol murdered her. All she wanted was a better paying job, right? To have a better future for her children, right? But wait… She’s only 7-years-old. She doesn’t have children and she’s too young to work in the USA, so how did she come to the USA all by herself?

Oh…. That’s right. She isn’t American. She’s a Guatemalan citizen, having lived in rural Guatemala’s impoverished Alta Verapaz region for her entire life. And she didn’t come alone on her own. Her natural, biological, sperm donor father, Nery Caal, brought her to the US border at Antelope Wells, NM, where the Border Patrol stopped a large group of 161 people illegally crossing into the US and arrested them.

This is where reality and logic must take over the emotional conversation. This is how the story ended.

There were 161 people.

In the middle of the desert in southern New Mexico.

In the middle of the night.

Illegally crossing the border.

They were arrested and processed.

They all complained of being hungry, thirsty and tired.

While being interviewed, her father said they had not eaten any food or drank any water for “several days”. They were given food and water and provided restrooms to clean up. The father, during this interview and numerous other interactions with Border Patrol, could have informed them that his daughter was feeling ill, yet he did not.

The girl ate food and drank the water that was offered and was not showing or complaining of any signs of distress. The father further signed a statement stating that he and his daughter were healthy and were had no current issues at all. An initial medical screening and interview showed no signs of health issues and neither the father nor the girl complained of any.

Fast forward eight hours. They boarded a bus for the Border Patrol Station in Lordsburg, NM. This is when the father notifies the Border Patrol that his daughter is sick. A few minutes later she starts vomiting. The girl’s condition worsens during the 90-minute drive north. When she arrives at BPS Lordsburg her fever was 105.9°. The BP Station ordered a Medevac chopper that took the girl to Providence Children’s Hospital in El Paso, TX.

Despite all the efforts of the hospital staff, the girl passed away in the company of her father, 15 hours after arriving at the hospital.

Immediately the Socialist media started to assign blame.

The Border Patrol killed her.

They let her die because she is dark skinned.

Trump killed her with his policies, as sure as if he strangled her with his bare hands.

The Border Patrol let these people die.

Those people don’t like Latinos anyway.

Trump killed her to make a point.

America is to blame for this little girl’s death.

Those are some of the insane, hateful, idiotic and vitriolic comments harvested off of CNN, MSNBC, HuffPo, Daily Kos, WaPo, NYT, etc., all blame and no shame.

Did somebody drop the ball in handling this little girl’s health issues? Probably, yes. But was it the Border Patrol? The Children’s Hospital staff? The chopper pilot? The bus driver? The father?

Aha! The father! THE FATHER!!!

Does the father bear any responsibility for her death? He’s the one that took her from her home, making her walk in the heat and cold for days on end with no food, no water, no medical care, no sleeping quarters. The father was the adult in the room, she was only 7 years old. She couldn’t make decisions like this on her own, and if she did, she was not old enough to follow through with them.

The Border Patrol and President Trump did not force the father to illegally come to America, but the father forced the little girl to come to America with him. Where is America to blame in his decision?

They joined a group of 159 other people. We also know he paid human traffickers to bring him and his girl to the US, so he had thousands of dollars to pay them, and he surely had some for when they got to the US.

So why didn’t the father pay $25 or $30 (if that much) to take his sick little girl to a doctor in Guatemala? Why didn’t he see a doctor in any of the Mexican towns they passed through on their long journey? This writer happens to know for a fact that even small Mexican towns have qualified doctors. 

But the fact remains that the father did not take his girl to a doctor in Guatemala or in Mexico. Then he told the Border Patrol that she was in fine health, just hungry and thirsty. The girl herself did not complain other than saying she was hungry and thirsty and tired, same as the other 159 of the paid members of the smuggled group of illegals.

Who wouldn’t be hungry and thirsty and tired after walking for days without food, water or rest? I would be, you would be, anyone would be. That is to be expected, and any father that really loves his child would make sure to have the provisions to care for their child on their journey, only this father made no plans to care for her.

So when does the familial, personal responsibility for one’s children become the responsibility of a foreign national in a foreign nation when they don’t even know you are illegally entering your country, or where you are illegally entering it?

When you pay a human trafficking gang’s “coyote” thousands of $$$ to lead you and your daughter on a several days journey through cold, rain, humidity and heat? Does that make it America’s responsibility?

Or when you walked for days without food and water or adequate rest, when did that become America’s responsibility? 

Or when you illegally crossed the border into a country not your own, in the middle of the night, without adequate supplies or transportation, and with a daughter you had evidently not watched over close enough to even realize she was sick? And that makes this tragedy America’s responsibility exactly how?

Please tell us which of these scenarios makes the USA responsible for your daughter’s death? We too are heartbroken at the needless death of a young child, any child, from any country, by any means. It did not have to happen. She did not have to die. We’d rather have her alive and well.

But Mr. Nery Caal, the death of your daughter was your fault, your responsibility, your decision. Yours and yours alone. You decided to bring her to America.

You made her walk hundreds of miles in all types of weather, hot, dry, wet, cold.

You did not provide her with food or water, even though you had money to pay the human smugglers.

You did not provide her a doctor when she complained of not feeling well. Again, why didn’t you care about her needs?

You listened to all the stories of America. Rich. Powerful. Streets lined with gold and jewels. Money for the taking. Just show up and be taken care of. You knew your daughter was your winning lottery ticket to stay in America.

But you didn’t allow her proper sleep, hydration, nutrition or medical care. It all boils down to the fact that you really didn’t care what happened to her. You were just using her as a prop to get you into America, and you’re now paying the ultimate price. Do you care now Mr. Caal? 

And yet, it will remain the fault of the evil, wicked, mean and nasty President Trump and America that she died. The hatefest is already brewing on CNN, and one cannot blame them. They are in a tizzy trying to deflect and obfuscate away from the fake Russian collusion and the real Clinton continuing criminal enterprise scandals by using Trump, again.

The latest from the Socialist media is that if we had not “delayed” the illegal immigrants at the border, they would have entered the country much more quickly and the girl would have lived. So this hour, it’s the DELAY that killed her. Last hour it was Trump. The hour before the Border Patrol. The hour before that it was ICE. Next hour it will be the Tooth Fairy that killed her!

And the fact is, that nobody knows still what she died of. It could be anthrax, Ebola, the flu, a heart attack… anything…

The Left in Congress is now demanding full, unfettered, no-delay access to America for all immigrants. Show up at the border, walk through within seconds and live a fruitful, wealthy and healthy life! Enjoy!

The family is now insisting that the girl was healthy before she arrived, and her they are now calling for an “objective and thorough” investigation into her death, a representative for the family said Saturday.

In a statement, the family’s attorneys disputed reports that the girl, Jakelin Caal, went several days without food and water before crossing the border, which contradicts statements by the Department of Homeland Security. Ruben Garcia, founder and executive director of Annunciation House — an El Paso-based nonprofit that aids migrants — said that the girl’s father, 29-year-old Nery Caal, said she was healthy and had no preexisting conditions.

“He’s been very clear, very consistent that his daughter was healthy, and his daughter very much wanted to come with him,” Garcia said during the news conference. 

We can see the lawsuit now. Expect a filing within days. This man will receive tens of millions from the US Government, i.e. taxpayers, for sacrificing his daughter.

Welcome to America!