Freedom or Tyranny?


Freedom or tyranny? This is why Americans vote. For one and against the other. As average Americans, we go to work, raise our kids, pay our taxes, buy a house and two cars and simply earn our piece of the American Pie. Some of us succeed and some of us fail. Some of us fail many times before we finally succeed. As Americans we are given the opportunity to succeed, not a guarantee to succeed.

This is where things have gone astray. One party in America has now decided that a full half of American citizens, 160 Million of us, are “deplorable, irredeemable, homophobic, Nazis, transphobic, Islamophobic, xenophobic, haters” and we should be removed from the gene pool, permanently.

This party has exhorted their followers to assassinate the President, that it’s alright to beat up or shoot conservatives because they are Nazis and/or white supremacists, that they can chase conservatives out of all public places not allowing them to eat out, purchase gas, go to a movie, etc., to protest at their homes and to harass their children at school, etc.

This same party has also decided that the “citizens of the world” have a right to come to America and for us to accept them with open arms and to feed them, house them, clothe them, educate them, provide them medical care and cater to their every need. They openly welcome any and all to come and “join us”, like it’s some sort of free health club. They believe the US Constitution is outdated and needs to be replaced with a humanitarian code of ‘free stuff’ forever.

This party also believes that “open borders” and “sanctuary cities” are the wave of the future. Criminals from other countries merely need to arrive, with their families in tow if they wish, to one of the hundreds of our “sanctuary” cities and they will be sheltered from local, state and federal law enforcement authorities by the local government and their minions.

hey will also enjoy immunity not only for past crimes committed in the US or other countries, but they will also not be jailed or deported for future criminal behavior, as that would be “separating families”, and the Left does not separate criminal illegal families for any reason whatsoever. Too bad they are not so forgiving with the criminals that are US citizens that are routinely separated from their families and jailed.

The other party believes in the rule of law, in liberty and freedom, in personal responsibility and accountability, in secure borders and in legal immigration according to our existing laws, and in the US Constitution and the Bill of Rights as our supreme guides to govern by.

We are going to expose and detail all the abuses we can by both sides, as both sides have Socialist sycophants embedded in their midst. There are many others as well still operating today, and tomorrow. We’ve only got 2 years to get this ship righted or America will be lost. We will do our part to the best of our ability to honestly inform the public of the facts.

We once again see the Left attempting to steal an election, flouting the law, making up their own rules, thumbing their noses at America’s law. And again it’s happening in Palm Beach and Broward counties in Florida, in Arizona, Texas, Illinois, Georgia and other states. Stay tuned…

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