A Brave New World? NOT!

Nikki Haley, outgoing Ambassador to the United Nations

Nikki Haley, the United States Ambassador to the United Nations is leaving her post after 2 years. She was speaking at the Security Council’s Middle East meeting where Israeli “occupation” of Palestine and the ongoing Israeli-Palestinian conflict is always the main subject. And of course, according to the U.N., Israel is the aggressive occupier 100% of the time.

Haley has been America’s #1 advocate since the moment she took office. She’s repeatedly told the U.N. that America is a great country. We are a giving and an accepting country. We are a nation of good people with decent morals and ethics. That we prefer peace to conflict, but will remain prepared for either.

She also told them that we are no longer writing them a blank check and that each member nation must pay their own way from now on. She told them the obviously painful facts about the Palestinians, Iranians, North Koreans and others that nobody there wanted to hear.

Hamas child recruits in training in Gaza. The U.N. says these children don’t exist.

Ambassador Haley, and rightly so, took the high road and thoroughly slammed the U.N. this past Tuesday over its outward bias against Israel and their love of everything Palestinian. Ambassador Haley who has tendered her resignation, effective in January, has attempted to broaden the conversation to include topics such as Iranian aggression in the region, to no avail.

At the U.N. it’s hate Israel all the time, nothing else matters. Israel is the Devil and must be punished, this much the U.N. makes clear. The Palestinians are the transgenders of the Middle East. They are special people with special wants and you must treat them special, the facts be damned.

During her two-year term as US Ambassador, Haley has squared off repeatedly with the U.N. over their animus towards Israel and the US. The US withdrew from the Human Rights Council and has drastically cut US funding to the U.N. Palestinian refugee agency.

Israel uses their weapons and bombs to protect their children.

Palestinians use their children to protect their weapons and bombs.

“The U.N. has shown itself to be hopelessly biased, as we witnessed again just two weeks ago when the General Assembly failed to even condemn Hamas’ terrorism against Israel,” Haley said.

Haley continued:  “This U.N. obsession has been entirely unproductive. It’s actually worse than that. The U.N.’s obsession with this issue has been counterproductive. It has sent a loud and false message to the Palestinians that they might be able to achieve their goals by relying on the U.N., rather than through direct negotiations. And it has sent a loud and accurate message to the Israelis that they can never trust the U.N.”

Haley pointed out that over the past 2 years the U.N. has passed over 700 resolutions condemning Israel, while not passing a single resolution condemning Hamas or the Palestinian Authority. Not one!

Hamas has fired thousands of rockets and mortars into Israel. Hamas has sent hundreds of “fire kites” into Israel causing millions in damage. Hamas has dug tunnels into Israel to commit terrorist attacks. Hamas regularly commits terrorist attacks in any way they are able. And the U.N. has not condemned them once. 

Palestinians setting tires on fire and sending “fire kites” across the border are diversions
for terrorists attempting to breach the border to commit terrorist attacks.

What have Palestinians actually contributed to society as a whole, or more to the point, what have they contributed to the Middle East to make it a better place for their children to grow up in?

10 NEGATIVE Things Palestinians Have Contributed to Society
1. Suicide/homicide bombing vests.
2. The wholesale slaughter of Israeli athletes.
3. Using women and children as human shields.
4. Blowing up buses full of women and children.
5. Blowing up marketplaces full of women and children.
6. Using ambulances to move fighters and weapons.
7. Using mosques and schools to launch rockets from.
8. Using schools and mosques as weapons storage facilities.
9. Teaching 3 years old to hate Jews and Americans and calling for our deaths while wearing miniature suicide vests.
10. Using goats for sex and then eating them, which is a culturally approved practice.

10 POSITIVE Things Palestinians Have Contributed To Society
1. Professor Hussam Hayek, a Palestinian, claims to have developed an *Electronic Nose* that can detect if a person has cancer by them exhaling.
2. Palestinian student Afaf Al Sharif won the first position in the *Arabic Reading Competition* in its second session in 2017. Another Palestinian won the competition last year as well.
3. Palestinians won first place in improving the ways of learning with a new tech called D4D in Belgium.
4. Two Palestinian students, Mohammad Hamid, and Roa Shehada won the first place in the International Smart Competition for Mind Calculations which took place in Thailand.
5. Palestinian student Akram Subeih won the Gold Prize in the 15-year-old and under category at the International Festival for Engineering, Science and Technology in Tunisia.
6. Palestinian Academic Dr. Sami Miaari won two international prizes in Economics. The first was for the best scientific research for the year 2017 for the Middle East Economic Association, and the second was an award by Marry Corrie in the European Union.
7. Palestinian students Nour Haboob and Sama Hejjo invented a new App called Rayhana which provides comfort for pregnant women with their newborn.
8. Two Palestinian students, Yara Ahmed Saleh and Sara Hams, won medals for excellence and creativity in the World Mathematics and Technology Competition in Seoul, South Korea while representing the Kingdom of Sweden in the international competition.
9. Palestinian Engineer Dr. Louai Dweikat won an award for best research in a Doctorate degree in 2016 at the University Teknologi Malaysia.
10. Forbes has ranked the Palestinian programmer, Hassan Abu Shula, as one of the most influential young people around the world.

Hamas children learning to become martyrs while wearing mock-ups of “suicide vests”.

Ambassador Haley also hinted at a new Middle East strategy to be unveiled soon. “It brings new elements to the discussion, taking advantage of the new world of technology we now live in.  It recognizes that realities on the ground in the Middle East have changed in powerful and important ways” Haley said. “This plan will be different from all previous ones — the critical question is whether the response to it will be any different.”

Already, other major players at the U.N. are opposed to the plan as it doesn’t respect current “internationally agreed parameters based on international law, relevant U.N. resolutions, and previous agreements.” 

This is a NEW strategy. It is not based on OLD parameters. Yet U.N. is unable to construe the concept of a “new” Middle Easter policy as they like the current one of “Israel is the Devil occupier” of Palestine. Why change something if it works, right?

While offering the Palestinians a helping hand,  Haley reiterated, “Whatever it is that others decide, the world must know that America will remain steadfast in our support for Israel, its people, and its security,” she said. “That is an unshakeable bond between our two peoples.”

President Trump is expected to nominate Heather Nauert, State Department Spokeswoman, to replace Haley in 2019.

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