Educated Or Indoctrinated?


Seeing the youth of today being politically active is a good thing, or maybe it isn’t. Being politically active shouldn’t just mean being a parrot, repeating talking points of either side.

Being in college means you are to question but to be intellectually honest and question BOTH sides. You should take the available information and then use critical thinking skills to reach a logical conclusion as to what the facts are in any given situation. This is what you’ll do over and over again as you navigate life.

Don’t just take the word of a college professor as to what the “facts” are. Over 90% of the educators are Leftists, by design since the 1920s. It’s taken them a long time to get this far, and they are wont to let it slip by this time like they did in the ’90s, and before that the ’60s.

Socialism is the goal and has been in our educational system for decades and decades. Listen and obey. Do what you’re told. Do as I say, not as I do. Because I said so. You are told you are an individual, with free thought, free will. And you are until you start thinking freely, outside of the Leftist box, and then you are reminded that you are only a part of the “collective”.

Most Antifa goons are college students moonlighting as thugs.
Or are Antifa thugs moonlighting as college students?

Far too many of the college educated youth of today have no education, no real skill set to put to use, no direction. What they do have is they learned to hate Trump, that Republicans and whites, in general, are Nazi scum, that the world owes them everything, and that they are oppressed.

As with most arguments, one side is right and one is wrong, in shades of grey at least. But as stated earlier, you must have the intellect to rationally work through problems and come up with solutions. And solutions are not rioting, smashing windows, setting cars afire, looting, etc.

So are the students being educated in college or are they being indoctrinated? Not all are there to actually educate themselves, and not all are there to party. Some don’t know why they are there. Some want to be there and some don’t.  Some of the students responses are priceless.

Georgia – Savannah College of Arts and Design: A petition was being passed around to change the name of a building named after Supreme Court Justice and Georgia native, Clarence Thomas, replacing it with the name of the woman who accused him of sexual harassment, Anita Hill. 

Campus Reform sent one of their reporters (Cabot Phillips) to see what was really going on there. And they found out that the students there, or most of them, didn’t have a clue as to why they were signing the petition, who Clarence Thomas or Anita Hill was, or just wanted the name off because they did. 

One student actually compared Thomas to Hitler, explaining “He (Thomas) is a historical figure, though … uh, so was Hitler.”

And that means what? Barack Obama is a historical figure, is he the same as Hitler also? Or what about Hillary Clinton? She’s a historical figure. Or Nancy Pelosi? She’s a historical figure. Are they all like Hitler? They must be if Thomas is, even more so.

Then another student was asked after signing the petition what Thomas did to have his name taken off the building. He couldn’t think of a single thing but said: “it is probably the right thing to do”. Another said: “I just think it should be removed” even while admitting she didn’t know anything at all about it. Another said: “It should be removed because it doesn’t represent the student body”. WTF over??? What planet are these people on?

Their thought processes goes something like this: They “hear something” about someone on the Supreme Court, but they can’t remember quite what it was. And not surprisingly, Kavanaugh is the only name they know on the Court, but this is a different name… “Thomas”. But they are on the same team, his name sounds white and probably both of them drug and rape dozens of women on a regular basis, right? So this Thomas dude must be another old racist white dude. Take his name off.

The scary part is that many of these students will go on to be “leaders” in the future.

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