Progress or Regress?


Looking at the crop of Presidential candidates the Democrats are massing to run in 2020, it seems they’ve decided that rather than to educate their constituents it would be much easier to run a less intelligent candidate.

The Democrat constituency doesn’t care a tinker’s cuss about the economy or our fiscal status. They couldn’t care less about budgets and expenditures. Big words like that pale in comparison to “abortion” and “hate Trump” “your a Nazi”. That is what the 2020 election is about, make no mistake about it. You either hate Trump or you are a NAZI!!!

Remember that recently the Democrat politicians were all screaming that Kavanaugh was going to take away a woman’s right to access healthcare. No woman would receive medical checkups, needed life-saving operations, cancer treatment. NO HEALTH CARE AT ALL FOR WOMEN!!! Of course they knew that was a lie, but many of their base believe it.

Their main focus was abortion, which of course is not normally actual health care, but is enabling the premature death of a human being, a baby. You can’t argue with a Liberal about this point. A baby is not a human life until it’s born, well unless it’s killed in the womb while a crime is being committed. Then it is murder, which is the willful taking of human life.

So some of us CAN have it both way! Just not Conservatives.

Now granted, even with Justice Kavanaugh seated on the Supreme Court, we still allow abortion in America. Women are still able to buy birth control, or have it provided by the government. Women are still allowed to purchase tampons for their periods. 

Conventional wisdom on the Left said over and over that women wouldn’t be able to buy condoms, birth control pills, IUD’s, etc. if Kavanaugh was seated. Abortions would immediately be relegated to back alleys in the dead of night or in dirty “abortion mills” in seedy neighborhoods.

Women have two other options. Don’t get pregnant if you plan on killing it. Or you can simply carry a baby to term and have a beautiful baby boy or girl. But to get pregnant because it’s cool or whatever, and then decide to abort the baby? Not cool at all.

The Left is still not talking about the economy, because if they did it would be all good news from the Trump administration, so they ignore the black unemployment rate (lowest in decades) and the unemployment rate in general of 3.7%.  Millions of manufacturing jobs are back in the USA thanks to lower business tax rates. Obama said those jobs were gone forever and that we needed to learn to get by with less. WRONG.

The Left is still not talking about the “war on terror”, where President Trump turned the American military loose on ISIS and they are no more. Obama said it couldn’t be done. They were too big. Too powerful Too entrenched in Syria and Iraq. We could never get them out. WRONG.

The Left doesn’t even talk about immigration all that much lately. After they spent 2 months denying the existence of a caravan, they then said it was only a couple of thousand women and children with a few male stragglers that were protecting them. So what’s the harm in letting these poor, starving innocent children and their mothers into the USA?

It’s actually 8,000 or more drug users, MS-13 members, felons, criminals, uneducated people, people with HIV/AIDS, people with tuberculosis, people with other communicable diseases, people with no money or prospects of making any, and thousands of people that don’t speak a word of English other than “asylum”.

The Left now admits there may be few people that want to come in, so why not allow them to enter, one and all? It’s only a few women and children. Even though every photo of the “caravan” known to man shows the mob is 90-95% men under the age of 35 or so, the Left sticks with the DNC narrative.

You know it’s bad when the Mexican people of Tijuana want the Hondurans gone. Drugs, sex, crime, filth, noise at all hours…This is the “caravan”. This is immigration.

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