What Universe Is This?


Ignorant, crazy or stupid? It has to be one of the three because rational, normal thinking people don’t think this way. Or they could be from the Planet Xyrxon and don’t understand how human interaction works. Then again they could be human zombies, not able to think on their own. Or they are escaped mental patients and are off their medication.

No, they are the Seattle City Council, a bunch of snowflake, liberal SJW’s who literally don’t know their arse from a hole in the ground. But as a group, meaning there were several of them, they did the unthinkable, the most stupid thing they could have done in the situation, proving they are STUPID STUPID STUPID.

They rejected a $12 Million federal grant to support minority-owned businesses and firefighting training. Rejected it outright. Now most prudent people would assume that $12,000,000 for minority businesses and firefighter training is a good thing for any community, right? And it’s not a loan, it’s a grant from the Federal government. It doesn’t have to be paid back, ever.

But if you assumed it’s a good thing, you’d be wrong. It was rejected in a 4-2 vote because it included a reimbursement grant of $90,000 from ICE. A sum that went to their own police department for overtime.

Ignorance can be fixed

Stupid is forever

Councilmember González, a fierce proponent of immigrants and defender of Seattle’s status as a sanctuary city, locked on to the $90,000 from ICE. The grant was intended to reimburse the Seattle Police Department for “overtime associated with conducting investigations related to narcotics, money and other contraband at ports and borders” and not directly related to immigration enforcement.

Still, González, herself the daughter of immigrants, said, “I feel really strongly I can’t vote in favor of accepting a grant from ICE, which is the overarching agency that does engage in immigration enforcement that leads to the incarceration and detention and inhumane practice of separating families in our country.

Well, just call them Nazis and be done with it people! You can’t accept money tainted by the blood of….ummmm…. the blood of ehhhh…. let’s see, the blood of uhhhhh…. Well someone died somewhere damn it and it was the probably the fault of ICE, possibly.

And to be fair to them, we are glad and proud that they had the conviction to stand up for their principles, damn the $12 million! That takes a special kind of stupid to turn down $12 million over $90,000.

People stupid enough to elect morons like this to run their city deserves people as stupid as them. Congratulations, you’ve achieved equality! And in reality, the money would never have helped anyone except the elite and rich people in Seattle, and they really won’t miss it.