Drag Queen Desmond


Meet drag queen “Desmond Is Amazing”. He dances in gay clubs while grown men throw dollar bills at him. Drag Queen RuPaul calls Desmond the “future of America” and Desmond takes the title seriously.

He works at Club Whoa, a part of Brooklyn’s “3 Dollar Bar”, a New York City LGBTQ bar described as “queer owned and operated” and called Brooklyn’s premier queer bar and performance venue. Desmond is a sexualized 11-year-old boy that dances in full drag makeup and dress, with not only his parent’s blessing, but they are also his managers and book him in gay clubs.

He was born in June of 2007, naturally during NYT Pride Week. He said this meant that he is “a member of the Village People by default”. He came “out of the closet” when he was born and has been a drag queen since day one according to his parents.

NBC News and the Daily Beast have been extremely supportive of Desmond and his being an 11-year-old, homosexual drag queen dancer in clubs, with grown men throwing money at him. They say it’s normal, and he’s just “doing what he wants” and he’s a “normal little boy” doing what little boys do.

NBC Network: ‘Drag kids’ are slaying the runway – one ‘fierce’ look at a time

Over at NBC they may have 11-year-old drag queen boys strip for them for fun, but that doesn’t happen in my world.

Desmond’s therapist told his parents that it’s healthy, and if he wants to dress like a girl, dress in drag and makeup, and perform half naked for grown men, let him. There is no harm in it. It’s healthy.

How many 11-year-olds do you know that have their own therapist that is totally supportive of the sexualized child abuse of an 11-year-old?

In public, Desmond is presented as a “normal” drag queen/homosexual child, but not in a sexual or overly provocative way. He’s just a normal drag queen boy, whatever that is.

But when he’s turned loose in gay bars, 11-year-old Desmond’s parents, who are also his booking agent and manager, allow him to prance around in a tank top and miniskirt while grown men yell, shout, scream, and throw dollar bills at him.

Imagine that this was an 11-year-old girl instead of an 11-year-old boy? The cries of child abuse would come from every direction, and to be sure, the police and child social services would immediately investigate. But in NYC, this passes for raising your child.

The comments online were mixed pro and con. Most of the LGBTQ community thinks it’s a grand idea, as they’ve wanted to have younger members join them in their escapades for decades. But haven’t they repeatedly told us non-gays and non-trannies that nobody in the LGBTQ community has the desire to chase children and have sex with them?

Yet they’ll pack out a gay men’s club, purchase tickets for a show, and then throw money at a half-naked 11-year-old boy? And that’s got nothing to do with sexual desires or pedophilia? Yeah, right, sure, whatever…

Michelle Cretella, M.D., the executive director of the American College of Pediatricians had some choice words for the LGBTQ community.

“As this article and many liberals and conservatives alike have pointed out, Desmond has been sexualized and exploited as a ‘child drag queen’ at least since 2015 when he began starring in the NYC gay pride parade. I have commented in the past that facilitating child drag queens amounts to sexual grooming, if not an all-out embrace of pedophilia.

“That this poor child is now performing in a NYC strip club is further proof that this really is child abuse.”

Where is child protective services in NYC? ABSENT!!!

It seems as if perversion is alive and well in America in New York City.

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