Big Lie of the Month

A Government shutdown is actually a 20% shutdown as 80% of the Government is already funded

Government Shutdown. Myth. Fictional. Storybook tale. No such animal. Unless you’re a Democrat. Then it is the end of the world. The apocalypse. The End of Days. The end of the World as we know it. Please, SAVE the children!

In reality, only 20% of the government will be shut down. Only 20% of the government is ever shut down. 80% of the governmental functions are already funded.

You’ll still get your mail. You’ll receive your social security. You’ll get your disability check. The military is still on duty. You’ll get your food stamps. TSA will still be in airports searching little old ladies in wheelchairs and teen girls with broken legs and allowing surly Muslim men uttering Allhu Akbar to pass unscathed. The DEA will still be combating drug lords and interdicting shipments of narcotics to the US. The US Border Patrol will still be open for business 24/7.

When Obama was POTUS he also had government shutdowns, and Obama would shut down the National Parks, all of them, just to punish the American people. He was such a spoiled racist brat that he didn’t know how to act other than to lash out to hurt, specifically, white people.

He didn’t have to shut the parks down, but he loved the thought of punishing people of what he has called no-color, whitey, honkies, wood and deplorables, clingers to God, clingers to guns, afraid of people of color and other derogatory terms.

Note that President Trump is shutting down only non-essential functions, meaning the ones we don’t need or use. Obama used the government shutdown as a weapon to punish those who disagreed with him. Just like he used the IRS, the DOJ, the FBI, the CIA, etc. as weapons. He weaponized every department that he could, and they are still working for him today.

Not only that, the 20% of the government workforce that is sent home STILL GET PAID! They don’t even do their non-essential work for their paycheck. They just sit at home and wait for the check or direct deposit. And the American people get screwed twice.

The 20% of the government being “shut down” are considered “non-essential” workers. But, if they are non-essential, then why do we pay them a handsome salary plus amazingly good benefits? We don’t need them as they are non-essential, this is the label the government itself calls them.

Definition of “non-essential”: unnecessary, inessential, noncore, needless, unneeded, superfluous, uncalled for, redundant, dispensable, expendable, unimportant, extraneous

So again, why are we paying billions a year in salaries and benefits for non-essential employees? That is waste at best and fraud at worst.

And all this over a $5 Billion request for border controls. The Congress just passed a $287 BILLION Farm bill with total bipartisan support. The Congress just sent Mexico and Brazil hundreds of millions for their people and safety.

Again, all this over a $5 Billion wall? Really? Are there any adults in the Socialist room in D.C.?

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