Time Was


Time was Jimmy Kimmel was really a funny guy. On the edge. Subtle at times. Sarcastic yet still laughable funny. Humor that appealed to everyone at some point or another during his show. That train has already left the station.

That was then, this is now.

He now spends his time doing jokes written by Leftists for Socialists to please Communists. Excuse us for noticing, but this shit isn’t funny any longer Jimmy. It’s an obsession of hate. You’ve gone so far off the rails you can’t hear the whistle blow.

We get it, you hate Trump. We also get that you think anyone that voted for and/or agrees with Trump, on anything at all, is a deplorable, misogynistic, homophobic, racist, xenophobic, Islamophobic, transphobic, irredeemable Nazi.

And most of your audience comes to hear you bash the other half of America. The half that voted for Trump.

The half that actually does want a sovereign country with defined borders and border security.

The half that does want to stop the flood of heroin, cocaine, fentanyl, and methamphetamine that kills over 70,000 Americans each year.

The half that doesn’t want to support millions of poor, uneducated immigrants that come here illegally in perpetuity.

The half that doesn’t want to give MS-13 and other criminal felon gangs sanctuary cities to hide in and to operate out of.

The half that believes in the Constitution as written. Do you want to change it? Follow the legal process, which doesn’t include the Supreme Court.

But if we followed the Kimmel methodology of Socialism, if we were 51% Socialist, they could simply do a vote and decide to eradicate the other 49% and there would be nothing the 49% could do about it. Bye bye.

But Kimmel denigrates 1/2 of America because he doesn’t want a wall. So his wants and needs trumps (excuse the pun) the wants and needs of 160 million other Americans and what they voted for, which was a wall.

Kimmel says this about those of us (I did) who contributed to the fund “…these people are digging into their meth money for this”.

When are we going to start boycotting Kimmel’s advertisers? Sadly, the answer is never, because Socialists can say/do whatever they want with impunity, no repercussions, no price to pay, no boycotts.

Kimmel is just a tool of the Left. He does the bidding of the DNC and Obama. Recollect that he was a huge supporter of Julian Assange when he leaked secret papers on President Bush and the Iraq War? He LOVED Assange then. He was an American patriot of the highest order. He was a demi-God, if you will.

But when Assange released papers showing the crimes of the DNC, Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama, the FBI, the DOJ, he’s all of a sudden mierda, dirt, scum, a turncoat, a traitor worthy of death.

But, but… you loved him, and now you hate him? How does that work? We’re you married to him Jimmy?

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