Lyin’ Times Are Here Again


The New York Times, a newspaper that used to be known by the taglines “the paper of record” and “all the news that’s fit to print”. Well, that train has left the station. These no longer apply to them in any way, shape, or form.

Now their tagline should be “All the lies and fake news we can make up about Trump and/or his supporters. We hate Trump. We hate Trump’s family. We hate every American that voted for and/or supports anything he does”. Granted, that tagline is a little long, but it is much more accurate than their “paper of record? or “fit to print” is it not?

There was a day when I religiously read the NYT and even drove to a newsstand on Sunday mornings to purchase a copy of the Sunday edition. This was when they were actually a news organization, and not a bought and paid for shill for the DNC, Obama, and the Clintons.

Now a Sunday edition will line the birdcage for two or three weeks, and I’ve noticed lately that the birds don’t even want to pooh on it. They feel dirty and slimy by having this paper on the bottom of their cage. Trust us birds, we humans sympathize with you and we know exactly how you feel.

The “Lie of the Day” from the NYT is that Trump is a draft dodger and they’ve got “proof”. Although the “evidence” is Christine Blasey Ford style proof, i.e. all accusations and vitriol from two women who profess to hate Trump, but not a shred of evidence other than women Trump haters who “remember” their father telling them this compelling story.

The New York Times actually paid someone to track down the daughters of a doctor, that died over 10 years ago, to report on their claims that their father assisted President Trump in avoiding military service during the Vietnam War. The NYT offers zero corroboration or supporting evidence, documents, etc. to support their charges.

In fact, the Times says Braunstein’s daughters “shared the family’s account for the first time publicly” for the Times piece and admitted they don’t know whether or not their father actually examined Trump. They said it was a “favor” to Fred Trump, the father of the current president who owned the Queens building Braunstein worked out of.

A couple of things come to mind. IF the story had never been shared to the public, how did the Times come to know of it? Maybe because they “manufactured” it? Just asking, as they are known to simply create fake news out of thin air if it’s for taking Trump down.

Plus the Times stated “No paper evidence has been found to help corroborate the version of events described by the Braunstein family,” the Times wrote nine paragraphs into the piece. Buried 30 paragraphs into the feature, the Times casually mentioned that “the daughters, both Democrats, say they are not fans of Mr. Trump.”

So the Times found no evidence to “help” corroborate the events? Is not the purpose of the news media to be non-partisan and report the facts as fairly and accurately as possible? They why does the writer lament that they found no evidence to “help” prove their story? Then why is there a story at all?

Could it be that the Times, who hates Trump, just did what is normal now? They found women who are willing to publicly lie about Trump. True, the two women will get their 15-minutes of fame, and then be banished to the dustbin of liars and frauds known as “Trump accusers”.

The facts are that every single day since Trump was elected there has been a “gotcha” story, article, report, bombshell report, etc. about Trump and how THIS is the article that will bring down his Presidency.

The Times had an article about how Trump was the first President ever to not have visited troops on Christmas Day (another NYT manufactured LIE) and when the article was being read by their 2,400 readers and being seen on CNN by their 2,785 viewers Trump was actually in Iraq visiting the troops with Melania.

The Times further attempted to denigrate Trump by reporting how “brave” Obama was in visiting conflict zones every Christmas to visit and eat with the troops. We didn’t realize that Hawaii was a “conflict zone”, as every Christmas Obama and his family would visit Hawaii and Obama would visit a local military base in Hawaii, which is not a war zone.

But the Times doesn’t let facts and the truth get in the way of manufacturing lies about Trump, they just forge ahead.

They can’t even coordinate their lies to make it look like Trump is a bad guy. They just put numerous lies hoping that one of them will stick and either bring down the Presidency or that one of their followers will finally do what they’ve been asking for all along which is to “take this guy out”.

They’d be much better served to offer free Starbuck’s for 30 days and a 2-year subscription to the NYT (not including the Sunday edition) to any moron that would actually remove him from office. They’d have thousand of Socialist morons clamoring to be “the one”.

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